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eBook Child of Silence ePub

by Abigail Padgett

eBook Child of Silence ePub
Author: Abigail Padgett
Language: English
ISBN: 0446401846
ISBN13: 978-0446401845
Publisher: Mysterious Press (February 1, 1994)
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 647
Formats: docx lrf lit mbr
ePub file: 1369 kb
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Child of Silence book. Child of Silence is the first in Abigail Padgett’s Bo Bradley Mystery series. I believe there are eight other books out in the series. Padgett's gritty and absorbing debut novel featuring a San Diego. Child of Silence is very interesting with a lot of action.

Bo exclaimed into the third floor nurses' station phone as Estrella relayed Annie Garcias message. A 3, a 5, a 1, and a star, right?. Andrew LaMarche, having examined Weppo and arranged for an army of private security guards who would patrol the hospital until further notice, could not bring himself to leave. The shooting reminded him of a past in which people were blown to bits for obscure reasons in Asian jungles

Child of Silence (Bo Bradley Mysteries, Book One). When an old Paiute woman finds a four-year-old boy tied to a mattress in an abandoned mountain shack, San Diego County Child Abuse Investigator Bo Bradley gets the case.

Child of Silence (Bo Bradley Mysteries, Book One). The timing couldn't be worse, because bipolar Bo is sliding into a manic episode her meds won't subdue overnight. But when a pair of killers invade a children's hospital, attempting to shoot the deaf little boy who reminds Bo of her lost sister, she has to choose. She can save her sanity (and her job), or save the boy.

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by. Padgett, Abigail. Bradley, Bo (Fictitious character), Women detectives, Government investigators, Child abuse, Deaf children. New York : Mysterious Press. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

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Investigating a case of child abuse, Bo Bradley discovers that the four-year-old boy classified as retarded is merely deaf, and when two men attempt to kill the boy, Bo is determined to solve the mystery of his background and save his life
This book has what I hope to find when I read a mystery. It captured my interest right away. It had the right amount of action. The primary character was interesting and well developed. She was also extremely likeable and realistically flawed. I enjoyed her as much as I enjoyed the mystery itself. It had the right amount of mysticism to make you believe in intuition, without ever crossing over to the unbelievable . I want to be able to believe that what I read could actually happen. I learned something about the chemical imbalance of the brain commonly diagnosed as Manic Depression , and how it often manifests itself. I found that part of the book fascinating. This book is solid and a fun fast read. I recommend it to anyone who likes a good novel.
Bo Bradley is a social worker whose manic-depressive disorder and Celtic background compels her to seek and protect a young child that doesn't speak, a child found tied to a mattress in a shack in the middle of nowhere and who now is the target of bullets that are aimed to kill. Dr. LaMarche is the physician trying to push the state to provide real protection for children abandoned and abused--and is particularly angry after a little girl dies in their care, a girl he had warned would die if the social service department didn't take great care with her. A community of professionals and good people work to protect a girl even as mental illness threatens to both support and destroy their efforts.

A well-written plot line, with interesting twists, there are concerns with the machinations of the political engineering and naive assumptions that appearances have the kind of influence ascribed to Tia Rowe--and, while there is a good understanding of mania, there is danger that the reader will confuse the attributes of the manic phases of Bo's diagnosed disorder and the contributions made by the Celtic and Paiute influences on her behavior. Still, the support provided for physical and mental disorders is greatly appreciated.

This book is strongly recommended for anyone interested in exploring mental illness, for those interested the supernatural, for those interested in Native American religions, for those interested in social work and the guardian responsibilities for abused and abandoned children. Keeping in mind the need to recognize the difference between influences of mental illness and belief founded on faith, this story will keep the reader's interest through to the last page and, perhaps, into the sequels.
Tori Texer
The first of five in the incredible Bo Bradley series. The first four are newly released on Kindle.

Bo is a child abuse investigator in San Diego CA, which means some of the details in the series can be intense. But this book was more of an old fashioned puzzle, then hunt and chase.

The real story is the lead character, a forty year old closet manic-depressive embarking on a manic episode. She knows what to do; the problem is surviving without revealing until the meds kick in. At the same time, she is assigned a case of an abandoned child who is being sought by killers, and her mania has her convinced that only she can save him. In the end, of course, she is right.

The author contends that the manic in manic-depressive makes Bo an human lie detector. No nuances get by her. The problem is too many details, any one of which can assume huge significance that only she can understand. By the end of the book, her thought processes are lyrical, often amusing and highly engrossing.

Note: These books were written in the mid-90's and tech-wise, they come across a little dated. No cell phone in every pocket, no quick Internet search to research something, no CDs or MP3s in the car, etc. Since these are character driven stories, it was note worthy, but not impactful. Another example of time passing is the label itself: manic-depressive, instead of bipolar.

Highly recommended.
I was totally involved with this book from the beginning to the end.
There are so many threads woven about rich and poor, racial differences with both the misunderstandings and similarities explored. The story includes family life in the light and shadows. It involves political issues, the battles to obtain power and the establishments that evolve from politics. The wonders of friendships and loyalties are an important theme here.
Astonishingly it is a most insightful book in the way it talks openly and clearly about mental health issues that are still a taboo even in society today where everything else seems to be laid bare to watch or enact in some form.
On top of all this it covers deafness, art, some spiritual aspects "old ways" of both Irish and Indian pre-christian religions, and, is an exciting race to save lives as the usual and very unusual investigators barely stay ahead in order to bring this perpetrator to justice.
This is a really good book and deserves every one of the star billing it has been given. I will be looking for more from his author.
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