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eBook Between a Wok and a Hard Place: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery With Recipes ePub

by Tamar Myers

eBook Between a Wok and a Hard Place: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery With Recipes ePub
Author: Tamar Myers
Language: English
ISBN: 0786246405
ISBN13: 978-0786246403
Publisher: Thorndike Pr (November 1, 2002)
Pages: 373
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 317
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This ebook is licensed to you for your personal enjoyment only. Between a Wok and a Hard Place. No Use Dying Over Spilled Milk.

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It takes place in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and one redeeming feature is that it DOES have some recipes . A Pennsylvania Dutch mystery with recipes. A little too sarcastic and trite for me but they are very light reading.

It takes place in Pennsylvania Dutch country, and one redeeming feature is that it DOES have some recipes included. The characters are characters-off the wall, and the plot is strange. The title has almost nothing to do with the story-well, one victim is Asian. Jul 23, 2010 Tabitha rated it liked it. I liked it somewhat better than the previous book. The main character owns a B&B in the Amish countryside of Pennsylvania.

Tamar Myers, who is of Mennonite background, is the author of the Pennsylvania Dutch mysteries and the Den of Antiquity series. Born and raised in the Congo, she lives in North Carolina. Shipping: FREE Within . Destination, rates & speeds.

Between a Wok and a Hard Place (Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery). This book was an eye opener for me into the Amish practices and beliefs. It was also a new beginning for me in a fun series that I intend to continue

Between a Wok and a Hard Place (Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery). Butter Safe Than Sorry: A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery. The Hand That Rocks the Ladle (A Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery with Recipes). It was also a new beginning for me in a fun series that I intend to continue.

Books in this series are officially identified with the line, A Pennslyvania-Dutch Mystery with Recipes. It is also called the "Magdalena Yoder series" after the protagonist and sleuth. The author is Tamar Myers. The series is a set in Pennsylvania Dutch country. The first novel in the series is Too Many Crooks Spoil the Broth. The protagonist, Magdalena Yoder runs a bed and breakfast

Book in the Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series). I don't know how she does it, but Ms. Myers has written yet another truly entertaining book in this - her 5th in her Penn/Dutch mystery series

Book in the Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series). Myers has written yet another truly entertaining book in this - her 5th in her Penn/Dutch mystery series. Each page is engaging; her writing and wit superb.

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Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series, Book 5 · Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery. Tamar Myers was born and raised in the Belgian Congo (now just the Congo). An Amish Bed and Breakfast Mystery with Recipes – PennDutch Mysteries "Bubbling over with mirth and mystery. Dorothy Cannell "A delicious treat. Her parents were missionaries to a tribe which, at that time, were known as headhunters and used human skulls for drinking cups. More about Tamar Myers.

They strive to remove themselves from the temptations of the world, and that's much harder than you think. They don't watch television or movies. Could you handle that?". Could you handle that?" the tube since 1960 anyway," he said without the need to reflect. But horses, buggies, and barn-raising parties - wow! You know, that could be so cool. I bet I'd be pretty good at all that stuff. Okay, so I grew up in Hollywood and all, but I know Harrison Ford personally, and I've seen Witness six times. I know what I'm getting.

An Asian tourist found strangled and run over by a horse and buggy draws Magdalena Yoder from her quaint PennDutch Inn and into the secretive local Amish community.
An easy flow opening with a slight edge off Magdalena's humor gave the feel of a contented woman who had recently acquired the warm sharing and weak-kneed stability of freshly hewed married life. She had the best of all worlds and so did her reader, with the Inn in cozy, spicy swing and Magda's bedroom temporarily returned while her "Pooky Bear" was taking care of a few loose ends in Minneapolis. The first leisurely description of the Inn took root in that mood of lazy summer contentment.

Magda was so laid back that Melvin actually invited her to be his sleuthing partner in solving the murder which opened the plot (almost as an effective afterthought) with the clue of a buggy wheel imprint rolling suspicion into Amish territory. Even that situation hadn't shaken Magda's newly arrived cool.

However, it did get shaken.

A few subtle changes occurred in this # 5 in the PenDutch series.

The first change I noticed (and enjoyed) was the release from Melvin immediately posing Magda as his # 1 suspect, and his switch to "hiring" her as his sidekick. His growing respect for her was believable, and warmed both his character and Magda's; and their relationship nearly lost its previous cheese-grater quality (which was hilariously entertaining, but I had no trouble snuggling into this smoother exchange).

Observing related changes, in Magda's notched up sleuthing techniques due to her upgraded, "hired-on" status, was a kick, especially as she tied them to the tether of her value, her lifelong (ancestral) awareness of Amish habits, and her "in" in that culture (as a Presbyterian Melvin was an outsider). One scene in particular brought out that value, as Magda paused to observe surroundings in her approach to the farmhouse of a suspect family. The simple details were informative: Thirty head of dairy cows in a field meant that, even if the family was gone at the moment, they would return by evening to milk; and chickens would not be left unattended, due to various types of predators, which Magda listed with brief, interesting notations of when they hunted.

I felt honored to learn a few more habits and beliefs seated into Amish life, which I hadn't known before, even though I've reviewed several Amish novels by two authors (Tamar Myers and Barbara Workinger) who can be trusted to know their subjects and to detail them without heated investment in idealizing, nor in condemning the subculture. One belief in particular surprised me, yet "I should have known." It had to do with no witch's hats on Halloween. A few habits of intimacy came out indirectly, as a result of Magda's funny asides on sexual subtleties referring to the upstanding member of Aaron's "sleep" interruptions. Also brought out somewhat subtly, with warmth and humor, were varieties of attitudes of wives toward such.

While listing highlights of Amish lifestyle here, I noticed that my thoughts returned periodically to Tamar's latest novel, THE DARK SIDE OF HEAVEN, a literary offering (set outside Ms. Myers' highly successful murder mystery bailiwick) which has been nominated for a Pulitzer. In my opinion, that novel has certainly earned The Prize (see my review). I'm trying to recall the connections I saw while reading DARK SIDE, similarities to this # 5 PenDutch novel. They seemed to relate to Myers' change in writing style, and inclusion of daily realities of Amish life contrasted to English ways; rather than having to do with plot or theme, since Dark Side was not a murder mystery. It was a sensitive, yet humorous investigation into the realities of shunning. Only this author could write gently about such a heart wrenching situation, yet ease the reader into warm smiles and bursting-forth chuckles.

There's no doubt in my mind that Tamar Myers is an author of complex talent which is expressed with such a natural, spirited flair that it seems simply entertaining to many avid fans. It is that. And more. This rich depth of wide-scope talent was exposed in DARK SIDE.

Still, all sides of Tamar Myers authorship could be seen in WOK if the reader were to dig into the flavors, especially by noting the way Myers dramatized Magdalena's changing feelings for Aaron Miller, and her coming to terms with what he exposed in BETWEEN A WOK AND A HARD PLACE. I was amazed at how Myers was able to poke around (both subtly and blatantly) in male/female connections in general, in and outside of marriage, dealing with these human issues with uncanny insight and un-canned humor.

Don't miss the hierarchy presented by an author guest at the PenDutch who arranged publisher, editor, agent, and reviewer in a frustrated writer's order of intelligence. I can identify with the relative genius capacity of each professional position, as seen from viewpoints of each regarding the others. A gem of a book which deals exquisitely with just those perspectives is THE NOVEL by James A. Michener (see my review).

Warm into WOK for another multi-faceted, tasty sizzler from Tamar Myers. Add the bonus of recipes recapturing long lost yums!

Linda Shelnutt
It was a good book. It has a shocker in it that floored me. Can't wait for the next book.
I love Tamar Myers books. It is like eating chocolate for me. This is a nice easy read that you can read when you just want to rest your mind. The characters are funny and a bit corny, but it sure does relax.
I have loved this writer and this line for years.
Another fun read in the series! I am enjoying these books so much! Highly recommend!
good as always.
light easy reading, comic, quick read on a lazy day.
Usual silly story but a good mind candy book for relaxing on the beach.
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