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eBook Deadly Illusions (A Francesca Cahill Novel) ePub

by Brenda Joyce

eBook Deadly Illusions (A Francesca Cahill Novel) ePub
Author: Brenda Joyce
Language: English
ISBN: 077832138X
ISBN13: 978-0778321385
Publisher: MIRA (January 25, 2005)
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 317
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ePub file: 1426 kb
Fb2 file: 1971 kb

Deadly Illusions book. Miniseries: A Francesca Cahill Novel.

Deadly Illusions book. Sep 10, 2015 Shirlene added it. Francesca Cahill was working on another case. The Slasher had sliced three Irish women's necks with a penknife. Francesca started by looking into the lives of women living in the neighborhood where the attacks had taken place.

Praise for Brenda Joyce’s Deadly series Joyce’s latest ‘deadly’ romance . Joyce excels at creating twists and turns in her characters’ personal lives.

Praise for Brenda Joyce’s Deadly series Joyce’s latest ‘deadly’ romance is truly a pleasure to read, given its involving plot, intriguing characters and the magic that occurs as the reader. If this is your introduction to Francesca Cahill, you’ll be just as hooked on the series as longtime fans. Joyce skillfully pulls you into her characters’ tangled lives as they pursue a killer.

This one’s for the ladies on the boards: Thank you for your unwavering support!

This one’s for the ladies on the boards: Thank you for your unwavering support!

Only 1 left in stock (more on the way). Ms. Cahill, society bluestocking, and heiress to a considerable fortune, has done remarkably well so far as an amateur sleuth, NYC's first female private investigator and a major novelty in her chosen profession.

He followed more slowly, while Peter put the motorcar away in the carriage house. She hurried inside, and when Bragg finally entered, she was calling breathlessly for the nurse. Flowers! ropped her chinchilla fur upon a stool; it slipped to the floor. Leigh Anne did not notice; she was clinging to the banister and peering up the stairs. Bragg picked up the coat, hanging it in the entry’s closet. Hush, madam, you will wake the children, Mrs. Flowers said, coming down the stairs. She smiled briskly at Bragg

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Электронная книга "Deadly Desire: A Francesca Cahill Novel", Brenda Joyce

Электронная книга "Deadly Desire: A Francesca Cahill Novel", Brenda Joyce. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Deadly Desire: A Francesca Cahill Novel" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

Welcome to the world of Francesca Cahill, crime-solver extraordinaire. Francesca is no ordinary heroine

Welcome to the world of Francesca Cahill, crime-solver extraordinaire. Francesca is no ordinary heroine. She refuses to bow to convention, wears her heart on her sleeve, and is determined to right the ills and injustices of society/ Deadly love begins Francesca's mad escapades when the neighbors' little boy is kidnapped right out of his bed during a society ball. It is January 18, 1902. Francesca stumbles across the ransom note just as she meets New York City's newly appointed police commissioner, Rick Bragg

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Deadly Illusions by Brenda Joyce released on Jan 25, 2005 is available now for purchase.
"Deadly Illusions" is author Brenda Joyce's seventh installment in the historical mystery/romance series featuring New York City debutante Francesca Cahill. Ms. Cahill, society bluestocking, and heiress to a considerable fortune, has done remarkably well so far as an amateur sleuth, NYC's first female private investigator and a major novelty in her chosen profession. It is only 1902, after all, and women still have seventeen more years before the United States Congress and Senate approve the 19th Amendment, giving them the right to vote. Francesca has solved the case of the City Strangler, the brutal Cross Killer mystery, two child kidnappings, several murders, captured a stalker, discovered the ringleaders of a child prostitution ring and had them put behind bars, restoring the young girls to their families, and thus has earned the right to call herself "Crime-Solver Extraordinaire," as printed on her Tiffany embossed business cards. Of course she has had the assistance of her dear friend and former love, police commissioner Rick Bragg, to teach her the ropes. Unfortunately for the nascent romance, Rick's estranged wife, Leigh Ann, returned from a lengthy stay in Europe, and nipped it in the bud.

In "Deadly Promises," the novel prior to this one, Leigh Ann is crippled in an accident and, extremely depressed, she has given up on starting life anew with her husband - just when Rick realizes he never stopped loving her. Calder Hart, Rick's half brother, wealthy art connoisseur, rogue and rake, is bent on reforming his ways now that he is engaged to marry Francesca. However, he has serious misgivings about the marriage as his feelings for his fiancee intensify. At times he is convinced that he is not good enough for her, a sentiment shared by Andrew Cahill, Fran's father, Rick Bragg, Daisy Jones, Calder's former mistress who is out for revenge, and various other members of society. Francesca believes in Calder despite his past and realizes she loves him. Clearly the two are an eccentric match made in heaven. Not only do they share a firm friendship, she is Calder's first and only friend, but sparks fly when they're together.

While the ever addictive soap opera continues, our amateur sleuth discovers that three working class Irish women have had their throats cut, with a dull knife, by a madman newspaper reporters have dubbed The Slasher. Two of the victims survived but one was stabbed and strangled to death. Maggie Kennedy, Fran's friend and the mother of young assistant detective Joel Kennedy, is an acquaintance and neighbor of the three women, and is thought to be in danger also. She fits the victim profile. Of course Ms. Cahill is determined to catch the killer before he strikes again.

Miss Joyce's storyline is not as strong here as it has been in the last two installments of the Cahill/Bragg/Hart mystery/suspense romances. As always, the mysteries are secondary to the various relationships between the fascinating cast of characters. However, not too much is going on this time around, and the constant repetition of various predicaments, especially Calder's and Francesca's jealousy of each other, and the constant sparring and bickering among the overly competitive half brothers is tiring and melodramatic. This case is one of the least interesting in the series, and is repetitious also. Women who live in New York City's tenements are being victimized and a woman hating perpetrator is on the loose. So, what else is new? As a matter of fact, many of the author's male villains hate women, including the police chief. I would like to see some variation in character flaws and criminal behavior.

I must admit I am still hooked on the series, the developing characters and their ongoing, individual stories. These books actually seems more like soap opera episodes and installments in a serial novel rather than stand alone romance/mysteries. If you are interested, I would suggest reading the previous Francesca Cahill novels before "Deadly Illusions," as this is a continuing saga and extremely addictive. I warn you there are many flaws, but I have just finished seven books - so what else can I say?

Come meet these personages, if you have the patience, and become involved in their lives, loves, traumas, mysteries, and the delightful historical setting of 1902-1903 New York City, with its society balls and glitter, the tenements and roughs, gambling halls and beautiful, exotic call girls. Seth Low, the mayor, was recently elected on a reform platform to fight the Tammany Hall machine, and the police commissioner he appointed took some of the actions the fictional Rick Bragg has taken and faced many of the same difficult issues Bragg faces in attempting to reform the terribly corrupt police department. If Ms Joyce takes the series past 1903, Rick will be out of a job as the next administration is a "Tammany beast." Perhaps, Bragg will use the opportunity to run for Senator. ENJOY!! I am.
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I have been hooked on this series since the beginning. It was very hard to wait for this novel, but it was worth waiting for. Fran Cahill is the daughter of one of the wealthiest men in NY at the turn of the century. She is engaged to an even wealthier and more powerful man. They have a bit of a conflict over the fact that she had been in love with his biggest rival, his half brother, who just happens to be the Police Commissioner of NYC. Fran and Rick have solved quite a few crimes together, and still work together, in spite of strain over her recent engagement, and his injured wife.

This latest story involves a killer called the Slasher, who kills young women of Irish descent. One of the victims lives near Fran's friend Maggie Kennedy's home. She fears that Maggie and another acquaintance from a previous case, could become victims also. The murder mystery is full of twists and turns and possible murderers. Bragg's problems within the Police Department continue to evolve, Chief Farr is a definite problem. Calder's reputation endangers the engagement, Mr. Cahill is very much against it. Daisy Jones, the former mistress causes alot of trouble also. All in all this one is one of the best of the series. I couldn't put it down once I started it, unfortunately, it will be a long time before the next one.
The story is fascinating. Daisy was Calder's mistress and she is emotionally fragile. She appeared understanding that Calder has fallen in love with Francesca, but there is a lot going on beneath. Did not skip a page.
Brenda Joyce is a story teller from the word go and go is what you'll do once you pick up one of her books. I haven't found one yet that I could stop reading and this one is no exception. Enjoy!
The Franchesca Cahill novels are wonderful! I read a few of them years ago but never completed the series. I am currently on Book #8...can't wait to finish but really don't want to!!!
Brenda Joyce is a very exciting and passionate writer. She has truly captured the turn-of-the-century era.
Just keeps getting better and better, love the characters, plot and mysteries. Can not wait for number eight. Will father agree with our heroine?
Very good book
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