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eBook Death in Springtime (Atlantic large print) ePub

by Magdalen Nabb

eBook Death in Springtime (Atlantic large print) ePub
Author: Magdalen Nabb
Language: English
ISBN: 0745190359
ISBN13: 978-0745190358
Publisher: Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor, Paragon & C; Large Print Ed edition (May 8, 1985)
Pages: 248
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 956
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Category: Some Bitter Taste (A Florentine Mystery).

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Title: Death in springtime (Atlantic large print) Author(s): Magdalen Nabb ISBN: 0-89340-816-6, 978-0-89340-816-9 (USA .

August 1984 : UK Paperback.

A police mystery in the acclaimed series set in Florence, Italy: Nabb is so good she’s awesome (The Philadelphia Inquirer). Two foreign girls are abducted from a Florence piazza in broad daylight. The unusual March snowfall has distracted everyone-even Marshal Guarnaccia, who is unsure of what he has actually witnessed.

Praise for Death in Springtime. The best mystery news in ages is that Soho is restoring to the canon Magdalen Nabb and her tremendous creation, Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia of the Italian police in Florence. Engrossing, artful, and completely satisfying. Nabb is a fine writer. Magdalen Nabb is so good she’s awesome. The Philadelphia Inquirer.

It had stopped raining by the time they drew into the courtyard at Headquarters.

It had stopped raining by the time they drew into the courtyard at Headquarters and through the car window, and said eagerly: 'Have lunch with me. I want to know all about kidnappings. I'd already heard that you're an expert. I'll pick you up at on. Never use it-unless my registrar drives. Driving interferes with.

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The author of Death in Springtime manages to do in 165 pages what it takes some authors 300 pages to accomplish. The setting in Florence is atmospheric and in this, the third in the series, many scenes take place away from the city where the reader gets a taste of the life of the people who live in the countryside, raising sheep and making cheese. The bucolic way of life in the mountains and valleys can hide a host of discontented and sinister people who turn to drugs and other petty crimes.
The main plot concerns the kidnapping of an American young woman, but even the smallest incident in any scene is important to the plot. My biggest disappointment is that Marshal Guarnaccia, who is usually the star of the series, makes only brief appearances in this book. I missed his eccentricities and his wisdom. The character of the step-mother of the kidnapped girl was endearing, but too many of the characters left me wanting to know more about them. I liked the first two books in this series enough that I will keep reading them, especially because the Marshal will have a bigger role in the next one.
Magdalen Nabb is thought to be one of the most gifted writers of procedural mystery books in the 20th century. She lived in Florence and captures the essence of the place and of the Sardinian shepherds; their temperament and fund raising activities. The investigation is very detailed and the writers characterization of the Marshal stands with that of Simenon's Inspector Margret.
I quite enjoyed this book & wasn;t disappointed that the Marshal wasn;t in it much. After all, murders [and kidnappings ] are handled not by his office, but by higher ranking people like Captain Maestrangengelo. However I would have liked to have some information about his personal & inner life. We learned more about his assistant and the Substitute [I assume this means assistant] Prosecutor than about the captain. And there was enough about the Marshal to advance his story.
First Sentence: "It can't be."

It is the first of March and snowing in Florence. This is such an unusual event, no one notice two college woman being kidnapped at gunpoint. One of the girls is released but the second, the daughter of a wealthy American business, is still being held.

Although Marshal Guarnaccia does what he can to help, it is up to Captain Maestrangelo, under the eye of the new Substitute Prosecutor to find and save the girl.

Within 165 pages, Ms. Nabb has provided a well-crafted, classic police procedural. This isn't a guns-blazing, car chase story. It is one of gathering clues, knowing the area and the residents and putting together the evidence piece by piece.

It is certainly evident how different the Italian system is from the American, but at the same time similar in the way the investigation was done and the determination to rescue the victim and find the kidnappers. Nabb provides a visual sense of the area, a bit of history of the Sardinian sheepherders and the impact of changing times.

Guarnaccia plays a minor role in this story, but it is all handled so realistically. I very much enjoyed this book and look forward to continuing with the series.
I really like Magdalen Nabb's mysteries. The Marshall is a wonderful character, gruff but very perceptive. The setting in Florence adds to the appeal, and there's a lot of humor.
I really like the series, but there are 2 or 3 that are weak, and this is one of them. After building up her main character in the first two books, she sets him in a minor role in this one, and it's a bit confusing switching to other characters -- I kept thinking the Marshal would make his entrance and take over the story, but he doesn't. Demerits for the typesetting errors, misspellings, and wrong words, it makes the book seem slipshod. That's too bad, Nabb deserves better. Although a little disappointing, the tidbits about how Sardinians immigrated to Italy is interesting, as well as the very real problem with kidnapping in Italy. It's the cultural insights that make the series more than just police procedurals. When you read Nabb's books, you learn something about Florence and about Italy. In general, the series is great for those who like stories set in foreign locations. I like Magdalen Nabb, Donna Leon, Andrea Camilleri, and Simenon, all for the same reasons -- you're transported.
Typical example of the series, except that it is weighted down by a gruesome and largely gratuitous back story. This is the one that will probably keep me from bothering with the rest of the series.
Simply one of the best writers ever, in any genre.
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