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eBook Beneath the Bleeding ePub

by Val Mcdermid

eBook Beneath the Bleeding ePub
Author: Val Mcdermid
Language: English
ISBN: 0007243278
ISBN13: 978-0007243273
Publisher: Harper Collins (2007)
Pages: 416
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 940
Formats: lrf azw lit mbr
ePub file: 1758 kb
Fb2 file: 1598 kb

Beneath the Bleeding. Other Books by Val McDermid. The phases of the moon have an inexplicable but incontrovertible effect on the mentally ill.

Beneath the Bleeding. This one is for the members of the wedding, who helped to create the best of memories.

Would her presence leave a stain? Would he turn to her, like one of the three bears, saying, ‘Who’s been sitting in my chair?’. She might be blonde, but Carol was no Goldilocks. mouthful of wine in her glass and reached for the bottle, conveniently placed within reach on the floor. There was something comforting about being here. Even though she’d just arrested a suspect who ran counter to Tony’s convictions about Robbie Bishop’s murder, Carol felt confident in her professional judgement. It was her private emotions that gave her more trouble.

Val McDermid grew up in a Scottish mining community then read English at Oxford. Love Val McDermid's books. Once you start reading you can't put it down. She is a brilliant and talented author. She was a journalist for sixteen years, spending the last three as Northern Bureau Chief of a national Sunday tabloid. She divides her time between Northumberland and Cheshire.

Beneath the Bleeding book. I have a feel for Val McDermid's style now, so I expected a long, slow introduction to the cases and characters. Mid-book, there is an explosion with 35 victims, and the Counter Another good book in the Dr. Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan series. Tony's leg is injured and he's in the hospital for most of this book.

Also by Val McDermid. A Place of Execution. The Torment of Others. Beneath the Bleeding. The book doesn’t get from me to you without help. There’s a whole team of enthusiastic people at Gregory & Co, Little, Brown, Grove Atlantic and HarperCollins Canada who play a crucial role in making sure everything works the way it’s supposed to. In particular, I am indebted to Jane Gregory, Stephanie Glencross, Anne O’Brien and the inspirational David Shelley, whose passion infects us all.

Beneath the bleeding : a novel. Beneath the bleeding : a novel. by. McDermid, Val. Publication date. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

For readers of dark, character~driven British crime fiction, Val McDermid's Tony Hill novels have few peers. This fifth book in the series does not disappoint. The story opens with a shocking attack on Tony Hill and moves on to the poisoning of a football star that is frightening in its topicality. The characters are complex and beautifully developed, the prose literate and allusive, the plot marked by unpredictable twists. The book also fills in more of Tony Hill's character with the appearance of his mother for the first time, in scenes that help to explain his troubled psyche. The relationship of Tony and DCI Carole Jordan also moves to a deeper level as her loneliness and battles with alcohol begin to make her face her inner life as well as the complexities of her work. This is mystery writing at its best.
Another wonderful entry in McDermid's series about psychological profiler Tony Hill, who is hospitalized throughout much of the book after being hit with an ax by a patient, and detective chief inspector Carol Jordan, who is faced with the case of a star soccer player being poisoned and evidence suggesting there might be a terrorism angle. This one isn't as gruesome as some of the other books because it's not about a sexual sociopath. But if the plot sounds boring — and it does to me — it's interesting in its look at terrorism security, poisonous plants and soccer fandom. It does discuss the endings of the first and fourth books but not so explicitly that it would ruin reading them after this, but the characters will resonate more if you start earlier. Bechdel test: A+.
This is the next in the series of Tony Hill novels penned by Scottish writer, Val McDermid.

As Tony is recuperating from an attach in a psychiatric facility, a famous football (soccer) player is in the same hospital with flu-like symptoms. His condition deteriorates until he eventually dies days later. It is later deduced that he died of ricin poisoning; a slow and painful process.

Other murders occur, and tests also conclude they were committed by poisoning. What do these 3 have in common? Although their ages are dissimilar, the commom denominators are soon discovered by Carol Jordan's team, as they try to discover who will be targetted next.

In the meantime, a bombing occurs in the local soccer field. It is suspected to be a terrorist plot, as the bomber is soon discovered to be a Moslem. A task force rushes in to take the case away from Carol Jordan, but Tony is not convinced that it is a terrorist plot.

What do these parallel plot lines have in common? Tony Hill, of course. Although he is in the hospital recuperating from his attach and in much pain, he leaves the hospital on several occasions to help Jordan's team solve these crimes.

This book is a great addition to McDermid's Tony Hill series. The writing is literate, the plot is tightly woven. The story line flows smoothly. If you are a fan of McDermid's you won't be disappointed. If you are a new reader, you are in for a treat.
This is actually a series from the BBC entitled, Wire in the Blood. I started watching the series from Netflix. In the credits, I saw "based on the books by", which in turn, led me to the books. The 2 protagonists are Dr Tony Hill, and DCI Carol Jordan. Hill is a psychologist/profiler that works with Jordan's police department. There is a deep friendship between the 2 protagonists that has much more to it, but they are such workaholics, that they cannot act on it. There are multiple stories going on. Tony gets attacked by a mental patient from a facility he works at, a major bombing is investigated, and Tony has his estranged mother to deal with. The relationships are well written, well crafted, and the storytelling is at it's best.
I've read several Val McDermid books and have found only tepid enjoyment. This one is better than the others I've read but only slightly so. This book features profiler Tony Hill and cop inspector Carol Jordan, either working with each other or against. So, along with two main parallel plots, there is the tension between Hill and Jordan. Parts of the book were exciting -- especially a major explosion at a stadium and events leading up to it -- but all too much of the remainder was boring. Not enough action, I guess. I have found the few McDermid's books I've read bordering on boring. In sum, this effort was not quite as boring as the others and kept me interested, but not riveted, which is faint praise, I guess.
I'm reading through the Tony Hill series, and thoroughly enjoying the characters and plots in each installment. This book didn't have so much gut-wrenching crime, and that was a nice respite, and a chance to read through without having to take a break to absorb the enormity of what I'd just read. I don't doubt the upcoming books will kick back into high gear as always. Superb story feels like I'm reading about real people.
I love Val McDermid and this book was no different. However this Kindle edition lacks correct formatting when conversations are taking place. Time after time the initial quotation marks of someone's response are missing entirely and it takes you sometimes several words to realize the person is speaking again. This is incredibly distracting and, I think, ridiculous if Amazon wants Kindle eds to be taken seriously. There has to be some more careful quality control of the texts. Most of my Kindle eds are fine but this is something which, even if there are just mistakes once every 10-15 books, can be a huge deal depending on what the actual problem is. Unfortunately the very nature of the product makes it a much larger issue to have even occasional quality problems. Please Amazon be more careful!!
Fast Lovebird
I’m a big Val McDernid fan. Beneath the Bleeding has to be one of his best! Can’t wait for the next one on the series.
A good read I like all Val McDermid writings.
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