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by John Buchan

eBook John Macnab ePub
Author: John Buchan
Language: English
ISBN: 1599869055
ISBN13: 978-1599869056
Publisher: FQ Classics (April 17, 2007)
Pages: 324
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 616
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John Buchan served as Governor-General in Canada from 1935 until his death in 1940, the year his autobiography Memory . Introduced by Andrew Greig.

John Buchan served as Governor-General in Canada from 1935 until his death in 1940, the year his autobiography Memory Hold-the-door was published. His latest book is Preferred Lies, a memoir about golf and everything else.

Outside the field of literature he was, at various times, a barrister, a publisher, a lieutenant colonel in the Intelligence Corps, the Director of g directly to prime minister David Lloyd George-during the First World War and a Unionist MP who served as Governor General of Canada, the 15th since Canadian Confederation.

John Macnab is a novel by John Buchan, published in 1925. Three successful but bored friends in their mid-forties decide to turn to poaching

John Macnab is a novel by John Buchan, published in 1925. Three successful but bored friends in their mid-forties decide to turn to poaching. They are Sir Edward Leithen, lawyer, Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), and ex-Attorney General; John Palliser-Yeates, banker and sportsman; and Charles, Earl of Lamancha, former adventurer and present Conservative Cabinet Minister

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In which Three Gentlemen Confess their Ennui 2. Desperate Characters in Council 3. Reconnaissance 4. Fish Benjie 5. The Assault on Glenraden 6. The Return of Harald Blacktooth 7. The Old. Etonian Tramp 8. Sir Archie is Instructed in the Conduct of Life 9. Sir Archie Instructs his Countrymen 10. In which Crime is Added to Crime 11. Haripol – the Main Attack 12. Haripol – Transport 13. Haripol – Auxiliary Troops 1. oreLess Show More Show Less.

John Macnab is one of several of Buchan's works best described as whimsical. this is a truly wonderful story. John Macnab is a very entertaining book.

In 1925, John Buchan published his second most famous novel, "John MacNab"; three high-flying men - a barrister, a cabinet minister and a banker - are suffering from boredom. They concoct a plan to cure it. They inform three Scottish estates that they will poach from each two stags and a salmon in a given time.

Under the collective name of John Macnab, they set up in the Highland home of Sir Archie Roylance, a disabled war hero who wishes to be a Conservative MP. Free. One fee. Stacks of books.

Поиск книг BookFi BookSee - Download books for free. Standfast (3rd book of Richard Hannay). La Criminale Sfida Di John MacNab. Buchan, John - Richard Hannay 02 - Greenmantle. 298 Kb. Greenmantle (2th book of Richard Hannay). 309 Kb. Buchan, John - Richard Hannay 03 - Mr Standfast. 404 Kb. Buchan, John - Richard Hannay 05 - The Isle of Sheep. 489 Kb. Buchan, John - Sir Edward Leithen - Sick Heart River.

John Macnab is a novel written by John Buchan about three successful friends in their mid-forties who decide to turn to poaching. Under the name of "John Macnab" they set up shop in the home of a conservative member of a parliament and fight with their neighbors who believe they are going to steal fish from their land.
Not long ago I had a very limited appreciation for the works of John Buchan. My relationship with his work was limited at first to 'The 39 Steps', then 'Greenmantle' and eventually many other of Buchan's works. I can say with little reservation that John Buchan was a master storyteller. John Macnab is one of several of Buchan's works best described as whimsical. Find a readable copy, buy it, read it, then pass it on to someone you know who loves a good book...this is a truly wonderful story.
John Macnab is a very entertaining book. There are a few problems with this edition. It does not contain the map that some paper editions carry. There are spelling mistakes sprinkled through the text - for example, "her" is rendered variously as "he" and "here". And there are whole paragraphs missing from the text. The odd use of quotation marks alerted me to this. The same omissions are present in the free online version at Project Gutenberg. Hmm! I found the omissions did not interfere with my enjoyment of the book. If you are a stickler for quality, this version may not be for you; if near enough is good enough, then John Macnab ala Sunday Classics is a very entertaining book.

You can find a brief description of plot/scenario of the book at Wikipedia. If you are looking for a good adventure yarn with fresh characters and great descriptions of the Scottish highland landscapes, then John Buchan is the man for the job. The 4 stars is for the novel, not this edition.
This is pure, light-hearted bliss. A sort of masculine comfort read, but great for all.
Story of 3 jaded politicians/bankers etc who need some excitement back in their lives after the camaraderie and fear of the Great War. They decide to challenge Highland Estates to stop them from poaching on a certain night - the risk is their exposure and loss of reputations. Great story with pace, excitement, wonderful descriptions of a place and time few know, romance and humour. A great holiday read too. One of my all time favourites.
4.0 out of 5 stars What in the World is a Mcnab?, March 3, 2010
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I read a sporting article that referred to a Macnab, and that set me on a journey that ended with my reading of the book "John Macnab." The book is written in British early 20th century style, but it is a light-hearted tale so it is easy reading. I did need a good dictionary in a few places. The book spins a tale about 3 bored-from-success Englishmen in a post-WWI setting. After fighting in the war. they went home, became successful and craved excitement. I'll go no further with the story except to say that they got their excitement. It was adventure and a happy ending without today's super heroes. John Macnab is not for everyone, but I found it an enjoyable change of pace, and I now know what a Macnab is (and would love to try it).
Wonderful story by a great writer. Nice quality book.
I enjoyed the story and the telling of it. The other John Buchan book I had read were adventure stories of spying, so it took me a few days to get into this one that had different heroes and story type. But, when I did I enjoyed it and appreciated the view of the Scottish Highlands.
Bored men who are pillars of 20s society decide to rediscover their zest in life by poaching on well guarded Highland estates. This is a pleasant, if dated, work for people who enjoy field sports and the open air. Perhaps it is Buchan's most enjoyable book outside the Richard Hannay series.
An interesting and different plot line that is even better if one has read some of Buchan's other books that introduced the characters found in John Macnab.
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