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by Catherine Coulter

eBook The Target ePub
Author: Catherine Coulter
Language: English
ISBN: 1568955863
ISBN13: 978-1568955865
Publisher: Wheeler Pub Inc (September 1, 1998)
Pages: 458
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 161
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Praise for Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thrillers Fast-paced Catherine Coulter is the New York Times bestselling author of the FBI Thrillers featuring husband and wife team Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock

Praise for Catherine Coulter’s FBI Thrillers Fast-paced. People This terrific thriller will drag you into its chilling web of terror and not let go until the last paragrap. ripping good read. Coulter always keeps the pace brisk. Fort Worth Star-Telegram With possible blackmail, intra-judiciary rivalries and personal peccadilloes, there’s more. Catherine Coulter is the New York Times bestselling author of the FBI Thrillers featuring husband and wife team Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock. She is also the author-with J. T. Ellison-of the Brit in the FBI series. She lives in Sausalito, California.

Jean Catherine Coulter (born December 26, 1942) is an American author of romantic suspense thrillers and historical romances who currently resides in northern California. Coulter grew up on a horse ranch in Cameron County, Texas. Her grandmother, who died at the young age of 37, was also a writer. Her father was a painter and singer, and her mother is a retired concert pianist. Coulter wrote her first two novels, fifteen pages each, when she was fourteen.

Электронная книга "The Target", Catherine Coulter. Книга 3. Catherine Coulter1 августа 1999 г. Продавец: Penguin. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "The Target" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

Coulter continues the suspense-filled series she began with The Cove (1996) and The Maze (1997), even bringing in some of the same characters. Her latest is set in the Colorado mountains, where Judge Ramsey Hunt has fled to recuperate after being forced to shoot a man during a melee in his courtroom. But his dream of peace and quiet is shattered when he discovers an uncons Coulter continues the suspense-filled series she began with The Cove (1996) and The Maze (1997), even bringing in some of the same characters.

Ramsey shifted to his side, pulling the covers with him. He’d flung the pillow on the floor some hours earlier. He flipped onto his back again, his left arm over his head. t into a dark room where there were blurred images, voices that overlapped one another, growing louder and louder. Suddenly the room was clear, the images sharp. He was in his courtroom, jumping over the guardrail, his black robes flying, his legs straight out, his foot kicking the semiautomatic out of a man’s arms, sending it spinning across the oak floor.

Author: Catherine Coulter. Publisher: Putnam, 1998. Catherine Coulter’s sensational contemporary suspense novels The Cove and The Maze were gripping enough to establish Coulter firmly in the genre, hailed Publishers Weekly. Now, with The Target, Coulter again lays claim to the territory where romance and terror intersect. Hoping to escape unwanted celebrity in the aftermath of a notorious incident, Ramsey Hunt settles in the Rockies, determined to bury himself in the safety of a solitary existence.

Catherine Coulter - Devil's Duology 01 - Devil's Embrace. Coulter, Catherine - FBI 03 - The Target. 528 Kb, en. Catherine Coulter - Devil's Duology 02 - Devil's Daughter. 361 Kb, en. Catherine Coulter - FBI 2 The Maze. 256 Kb, en. Catherine Coulter - Song 02 - Fire Song. 377 Kb, en. Catherine Coulter - Song 03 - Earth Song. 251 Kb, en. Coulter, Catherine - FBI 04 The Edge.

A romantic, suspenseful thriller from New York Times bestselling author Catherine Colter.

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Ramsey Hunt's solitary, isolated life in the Rockies is shattered when he finds a small, mute girl in the forest and is pursued by her mysterious kidnappers
If you want a super quick read on the beach, this might work for you. There is lots of action, a lost kids, confrontations at gun point, a bit of shooting, a mob boss, a scene where the woman walks in on the man getting into the shower and stares below his belt for a few minutes while he responds physically, some "Awww" moments where the kid is sweet and the mom is teary-eyed etc......

But if you are looking for anything more that fictional fast food, this will not work for you.

The lead character is a judge. Something happens in his courtroom and he jumps into action like a ninja and kills a guy and saves the day. Oh, did I mention he is handsome? Did I mention he is the youngest Federal judge ever appointed. He is a karate expert? He has guns and is proficient? He can get shot in the leg and still run around? He is off alone on a mountain top communing with nature when he hears a kid whimper and rescues her..... I am only half way through and I imagine he cures cancer toward the end.

The woman is, of course, red haired and beautiful. She just happens to be a great shot. She can drive like a demon. She finds the kid before teams of professionals do. She assumes the judge is the monster who kidnapped the kid, but then she is ready to marry him fifty pages and two days later because he is so good with the kid. Her dad is a mob boss, who she has defied repeatedly even though he is very controlling and angry but then gives in to her. Her mom raised her in Italy. She attended Vassar........

The kid is five. The kid is so traumatized she can not talk, until suddenly a week later she can not only talk but defend the main character with lengthy sentences. Did I mention she is a musical genius who at five plays Mozart so well everyone is the crowd at the music store is stunned. She talks like she is ten or twelve. I think the kid gets knocked unconscious by getting literally hit on the head and drugged a few times during the month or so this story runs and she bounces right back!!She is traumatized because of the kidnapping but comes around from sheer terror to pretty normal in a week or so because the main character is nice and feeds her cheerios. By the end of the book, she will probably take out a professional sniper at one hundred yards.

All the characters are stereotypes from Romance novels. If you have read her other work, you will recognize the scenes and even some of the lines from other books. Psychos always want to "lick" the kidnapped person; people get hit on the head hard enough to pass out for hours but then bounce back within minutes; the main character has suffered some trauma or nightmare and so retreats to an isolated location, someone who is a close friend of a major character ends up being one of the really bad guys.

Again, if you want a twinkie for a beach read, this may do it for you.
I loved the Lacy/Dillon dynamic in the previous novel, and so I waited for it to continue in this one and it really didn't. They were already married and Lacy was pregnant (the reader got gypped) and therefore their fun, clever, endearing relationship while chasing down the bad guys wasn't about their courtship anymore-in fact, they weren't even the main characters of the story. And to me, that was a real loss. Otherwise,My Husband Ran Off with the Nanny and God Do I Miss Her the story is really good and the child who has been abused and rescued is the star of the book.
Loved the story ,Characters were. Well written and so was the story line. Love Dillon and Sherlock, loved the adventure. I was taken on.
A great story with Dillon and Sherlock who are Helping Ramses, Molly and Em . Judge Ramsey Hunt found Emma in the woods after she managed to escape the man who kidnapped her. Days later her Mother found them both, and now the story takes an even better trip, from Colorado to Nevada to California and Illinois they go avoiding the ones that are after them and Em.
Dillon and Sherlock come in to assist while they are hiding in Chicago with Molly's Father. Many other things happen making it a wonderful story that keeps me glued to the pages.
This is a great book! Both exciting, suspenseful, and emotional. The mystery of the kidnapping, subsequent escape, and ensuing chase of the six-year-old Emma, along with her mother Molly and Judge Ramsey Hunt, doesn't disappoint. The building romance between Molly and Ramsey nicely compliments the focus of the plot, and the interactions between Ramsey and Emma are wonderful to read. Emma herself is priceless, and Molly and Ramsey are both appealing, intriguing and complex characters, who compliment both the plot and each other. As the plot continues and all three characters come together, they form interconnected relationships that will have you rooting for them both as separate characters and as a unit. This is definitely not one to be missed! This book has a bit of everything: suspense, excitement, meaningful relationships (both of the romantic and non-romantic variety), not to mention the continuation of the Sherlock/Savich story! Readers will delight in the story, rage against the bad guys, and never stop rooting for Emma, Ramsey, and Molly!

For more on these characters (specifically Ramsey, Molly and Emma), see Coulter's 16th FBI thriller: Backfire, which is set five years after the Target, and involves some old faces (including Ramsey, Molly, and Emma) as well as some new ones in Coulter's latest FBI suspense.
Fast Lovebird
I am just getting acquainted with Catherine Coulter's FBI Series and I am not dissappointed. I couldn't put this book down for a minute. Never a dull moment. If you get the chance listen to the audiobook unabridged version & read while listening and you will enjoy it even more. You will experience every emotion including shock, anger, terror, frustration, sadness and last but not least happiness.

When you least expect it another twist and turn takes place and the author keeps you guessing. What now? What next?

Judge Ramsey Hunt takes some time off of his court duties after some shocking circumstances & heads to a quiet mountain cabin in the Rockies for some peace and quiet hoping to quiet the nightmares. Never in a milion years does he imagine that will stumble upon a child that has been kidnapped and what on earth will he do next. What should he do next?

I am not going to give anything else away just read it and you will nto be dissappointed!
What a terrific book! Great characters that you instantly like and some you hate, but that’s what makes this book wonderful. The plot was action packed and exciting. New characters introduced and old ones returning. Can’t wait for the next one in this series.
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