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eBook In the Name of Honor ePub

by John Bedford Lloyd,Richard North Patterson

eBook In the Name of Honor ePub
Author: John Bedford Lloyd,Richard North Patterson
Language: English
ISBN: 1427209472
ISBN13: 978-1427209474
Publisher: Macmillan Audio; Unabridged edition (June 29, 2010)
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 819
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Richard North Patterson, read by John Bedford Lloyd. Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Richard North Patterson's thriller In the Name of Honor, an enthralling novel of suspense about the high cost of war and secrets.

Richard North Patterson, read by John Bedford Lloyd.

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ALSO BY RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON The Spire Eclipse The Race Exile Conviction Balance of Power Protect and Defend Dark Lady No Safe Place Silent Witness Th. HENRY HOLT AND COMPANY, New York.

Narrated by John Bedford Lloyd. Books related to In the Name of Honor.

Patterson graduated in 1968 from Ohio Wesleyan University and has been awarded that school’s Distinguished Achievement Citation and his national fraternity’s Alumni Achievement Award.

Richard North Patterson may be a populist author but he is one of the best in the gang. I don't mind reading more books by hi. .I've never read any of Richard North Patterson's books until this one, at least not that I remember (fortunately or unfortunately, I don't actually remember every book I read between 1979, when this author's first book was published, and 2009 when I began using Goodreads to keep a record). The main reason for this, I'm sorry to say, is that I automatically look askance at any book that has made the "bestseller" lists.

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON is the author of The Spire, Exile, and fifteen other bestselling and critically acclaimed novels. In the name of honor. He lives on Martha’s Vineyard and in San Francisco and Cabo San Lucas with his wife, Dr. Nancy Clair.

Written by Richard North Patterson, Audiobook narrated by John Bedford Lloyd. Such is the case in the extraordinary story of high-stakes presidential politics told in Richard North Patterson's No Safe Place. Browse more Patterson.

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I could not agree more, and Richard North Patterson has done it again with In the Name of Honor, which will be very favorably compared to The Caine Mutiny.

As always, Richard North Patterson demonstrates an uncanny knack for selecting a topic as hot as tomorrow's headlines, but the pleasures of this book far transcend its gripping and timely subject. In the Name of Honor is a family saga, a courtroom drama, and also a rare kind of love story. There is romance, of course, but also an exploration of other kinds of love-of country, comrades, ideas. This is Patterson's best book yet. ―Geraldine Brooks. I could not agree more, and Richard North Patterson has done it again with In the Name of Honor, which will be very favorably compared to The Caine Mutiny.

Home from Iraq, a lieutenant kills his commanding officer—was it self-defense or premeditated murder? An enthralling novel of suspense about the high cost of war and secrets

The McCarrans and the Gallaghers, two military families, have been close for decades, ever since Anthony McCarran—now one of the army's most distinguished generals—became best friends with Jack Gallagher, a fellow West Pointer who was later killed in Vietnam. Now a new generation of soldiers faces combat, and Lt. Brian McCarran, the general's son, has returned from a harrowing tour in Iraq. Traumatized by wartime experiences he will not reveal, Brian depends on his lifelong friendship with Kate Gallagher, Jack's daughter, who is married to Brian's commanding officer in Iraq, Capt. Joe D'Abruzzo. But since coming home, D'Abruzzo also seems changed by the experiences he and Brian shared—he's become secretive and remote.

Tragedy strikes when Brian shoots and kills D'Abruzzo on their army post in Virginia. Brian pleads self-defense, claiming that D'Abruzzo, a black-belt martial artist, came to his quarters, accused him of interfering with his marriage, and attacked him. Kate supports Brian and says that her husband had become violent and abusive. But Brian and Kate have secrets of their own, and now Capt. Paul Terry, one of the army's most accomplished young lawyers, will defend Brian in a high-profile court-martial. Terry's co-counsel is Meg McCarran, Brian's sister, a brilliant and beautiful attorney who insists on leaving her practice in San Francisco to help save her brother. Before the case is over, Terry will become deeply entwined with Meg and the McCarrans—and learn that families, like war, can break the sturdiest of souls.

I read In The Name Of Honor as Patterson’s deep homage to those who serve their country sacrificing their lives and families. What drove him writing this episode might be his feeling of debt to American soldiers who fight for American citizens. Honor is our moral glue which binds us to each other. In protecting honor we sometime forget something behind ourselves, which becomes a missing piece to a deeper sense of people. Paul Terry was not trying to grasp what it was by accepting Brian’s defense, nor stricken by Meg’s appeal to protect family honor. Patterson warns us not to practice for old age with complete denial and/or the erasure of unpleasant facts. Those weapon are usually deployed by old people to escape from what we can’t change. He just wants us to see the reality of twisted family relations which might be caused indirectly by their serving to military.

As always Patterson’s story formation is great, and grips our mind. The book takes up a particular controversy over PTSD and features an unique system of military justice. McCarran families deceive us to the final chapter. Only Rose Gallagher senses something wrong in Brian’s account, which signals us an alert to the development of the story. Knowing concoction by Meg, Paul makes his closing argument for the honor of unidentified soldiers who protect the USA. Could he find his own future in Cabo San Lucas is left to our sense of people feeling.
It was at about 10% into this book that I imagined the author had aspirations of this making its way to the silver screen. It reads like a screenplay and yet is extremely verbose. More disappointing, however, was the plot's predictability. The normal feints and misdirections are there, but at the end of the day, it was clear early on that the novel was following a popular and predictable formula. Adding to this are the largely unattractive characters - it is not a story of the military or a legal thriller - it is a thoroughly depressing visit with dysfunctional people who come from dysfunctional families. I agree with the character who says, "Every family is nuts in its own way" but disagree that the family at the core of the story is in any way interesting.
Richard North Patterson has consistently written powerful and engrossing novels that educate as well as entertain. His last book, The Spire, was good, but lacked the Patterson magic. With this book, the magic is back big time! The story is engrossing, complex and important. He takes on themes of the horrors of war, PTSD, and complex family relationships in the context of an intense courtroom drama. While I did guess the "twist," this did not detract from the story at all. It was fascinating how it all played out and how larger than life the main character, Paul Terry, became. His way with words and how he phrases conversations never fail to impress and this is especially true throughout this novel in Paul Terry's conversations with the McCarran family members. I couldn't put it down and had tears in my eyes at the conclusion.
Very well written detailed trial psychology and court room sequences by JAG attorney defending a Military officer of murder.
Good discussion about PTSD and all the characters well developed. Gives you a good understanding of Military families and how each family handles that type of life. It is a long book and I found myself speed reading through the 2nd half of the book. If you don't enjoy lengthy court room scenes, you may not enjoy this book; The author did a lot of research about Military trials and PTSD.
Paterson keeps you on the edge throughout he novel! The mental and emotional impact of killing and watching friends die are thoughtfully described. A complicated plot works it's way through the military justice system!
Patterson continues to be the best writer, in my opinion, of courtroom scenes. The maneuvering, the cross-examinations,the importance of the personalities of the attorneys--all make for riveting reading.

I also like the stories of his cases, which are all very interesting. I've been in the military myself, and found handling of that very insular world very believable. A great read!
Sermak Light
I always look forward to Patterson's books. This one was a Trieste turner, and a surprising ending. Can't wait for the next book.
One of his best. I devoured every page, and I began to understand the plight of the vets coming home wounded in both mind and body, and the very different laws in the military. I always appreciate actually learning something from the mystery books I tend to prefer reading.
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