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by Andrew Wincott,James Twining

eBook The Double Eagle ePub
Author: Andrew Wincott,James Twining
Language: English
ISBN: 1407480030
ISBN13: 978-1407480039
Publisher: Whole Story Audio Books; Unabridged edition edition (April 1, 2008)
Category: Thrillers & Suspense
Subcategory: Thriller
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 962
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James Twining Collection 4 Books Set Pack (The Double Eagle, The Black Sun, The Geneva Deception, The Gilded Seal) by. James Twining.

James Twining’s most popular book is The Sunflower. James Twining Collection 4 Books Set Pack (The Double Eagle, The Black Sun, The Geneva Deception, The Gilded Seal) by.

Narrated by Andrew Wincott. James Bond meets The Thomas Crown Affair in a spellbinding tale of international intrigue and suspense. In Paris a priest is murde.

James Twining ttle of dice on large and elaborately inlaid backgammon boards. Several enterprising locals had arranged brightly covered cushions and kilims on the benches and hung rugs from the walls.

The Black Sun. The Double Eagle - James Twining. The Geneva Deception. Episode 10 – Ethics and Police Management w/ Special Guests Ed Mullins and Andrew Quinn, SBANYPD: Brian sits down with Ed Mullins, President of the New York Sergeants Benevolent Association and Andrew Quinn, the SBA’s General Counsel to discuss the high profile case of NYPD Sergeant, Hugh Barry  .

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They are the most valuable coins on eart. nly a handful still exist, each one worth million. ow they have vanished from an. and the killings have begun. Now, one has resurfaced during an autopsy in France - in the stomach of a murdered priest. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Twining wrote his first book The Double Eagle in 2003 and was signed up by agency Curtis Brown. All four books feature art thief Tom Kirk and are set in the art world and underworld. It was published by Harper Collins in the United Kingdom and United States in 2005. Three sequels, The Black Sun, The Gilded Seal and The Geneva Deception were published in 2006, 2008 and 2009 respectively. In each case, Twining builds a modern-day thriller involving art theft around a series of historical events and/or artifacts

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James Twining graduated from Oxford University with a degree in French literature. His first Tom Kirk adventure, The Double Eagle, was published with great success on both sides of the Atlantic. He lives in London with his wife and their two children. Start reading The Double Eagle (Tom Kirk Series Book 1) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

James Bond meets The Thomas Crown Affair in a spellbinding tale of international intrigue and suspense. In Paris a priest is murdered and dumped into the Seine. But he has taken a secret with him to his death - a secret that reveals itself during his autopsy and reawakens dark memories. Jennifer Browne, a young and ambitious FBI agent is assigned to the case. This is her last chance to kick start a career that has stalled after one fatal error of judgement three years before. Her investigation uncovers a daring robbery from Fort Knox and Tom Kirk, the world's greatest art thief is the prime suspect. Tom, caught between his desire to get out of the game and his partner's insistence that he complete one last job for the criminal mastermind Cassius, faces a thrilling race against time to clear his name. A race that takes him from London to Paris, Amsterdam to Istanbul in a search for the real thieves and the legendary Double Eagle...This recording is unabridged. Typically abridged audiobooks are not more than 60 per cent of the author's work and as low as 30 per cent with characters and plotlines removed.
M. Abnett is a very capable writer who has proven again and again that the Warhammer 40K universe and quality writing can coexist between the covers of a novel or - in his case - comic books as well.

Double Eagle covers a rarely visited aspect of the 40K genre, which is typically dominated by ground combat, aviators and war in the air. For "fluff" and background fanatics, this alone would be worth the price of admission, especially the central, very non-standard Imperial Guard squadron. Above and beyond this, M. Abnett does an excellent job bringing the reader into the story. Characters are surprisingly complex, yet very believable and "human."

The action scenes really stand out. M. Abnett clearly did his homework in talking to current-day Harrier pilots, as the trademark craft of the book - the Thunderbolt - has similar vector capability, and in consulting the historical record, integrating elements of classic true tales of air combat from WWII and other conflicts.

The central tale seems very loosely based upon British retreat in the very early years of WWII and the Battle of Britain, but M. Abnett has woven in enough other elements into the tale that history buffs might be the only ones who take notice.

There are two elements that might be considered weak points. The first is the enemy, whom aside from their ace of aces and his "flying circus," has very little character and acts surprisingly mundanely for a chaos force. Their bombing sorties come in organized waves; their aircraft are uncommonly uniform, except in color or decoration. The second is the ending, though this rather depends on one's point of view. To put it in terms that won't give anything away, it has a European art film ending rather that a US action film ending.

The short summation: another worthwhile offering from M. Abnett, well worth the read even though it isn't "perfect."
Double Eagle sees the focus put on the pilots of the Imperium, specifically a group of fighter- and bomber-pilots who were first seen in one of the Gaunt's Ghosts novels. As per usual, Abnett has superior character development. This book, as with all his others, is truly a page-turner.

Something of an aside to the Ghosts storyline, this novel takes place on a planet suffering from a Chaos invasion in the Sabbat Campaign that Abnett has written so much about. (In fact, there are some references to the Ghosts storyline, but not so that the reader is left confused.) As with Abnett's other works, we see comparatively little of the enemy in terms of internal thoughts, only getting that before they interact with the heroes. There is only one such villain, actually, an ace of aces who seems unstoppable. He makes several appearances, always defeating those he faces, or driving them to extreme measures to flee.

One of the primary characters is the flight commander of the Phantine XX fighter wing. She is a great character, mixing in-combat skill with concern for her wingmates. Others in the unit also provide great characters, the old nice guy, the new kid trying to prove himself. The planes are also like characters, given their jinxes and idiosyncrasies. The unit really is a whole, from machine, to tech, to pilots.

Another arc of the story deals with a bomber pilot who is in another unit. He was saved by one of the Ghosts in another novel, and feels he is on borrowed time, that he should be dead. He meets a woman who has lost pretty well everything, and they find in each other that which they were missing. This is really my favorite part of the book. The human side.

There is a great deal of air combat, which Abnett delivers with exquisite skill. I could feel all the losses and exult in the victories as though I were there. There are a number of close calls, tight squeezes, near-misses. All those things that make such situations interesting to read.

This novel shows again that Abnett is the best of the WH40k authors, at least in my opinion. Despite the lack of a well-determined enemy, this book is a great read. After all, the reader is supposed to feel for the Imperium, not those who hate all life. In that respect, the lack of depth in the enemy is perfect. However, as has been occurring more and more of late in new release books, there were a number of typos. Not the British-American differences in certain words, which I have grown accustomed to through Abnett and the rest, but simple lack of proofreading, I believe. The story was so great, though, that I overlooked that entirely in my rating.
This story spans the world in action, boggles the mind in double, double crosses, and pits two “agents” against their own government ‘s agencies in an effort to survive. Of course, the good guys prevail, but everyone else is suspect. Enjoy!
This novel is very internationally staged. This novel will keep you in suspense until the end. It will keep art lovers and mystery aficionados both entertained. This is a well written and thought out book. I Highly recommend this novel.
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