by P. Richard Henrick

Author: P. Richard Henrick
Language: English
ISBN: 082173167X
ISBN13: 978-0821731673
Publisher: Zebra (August 1, 1988)
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 995
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Beneath the silent s. by. P. Richard Henrick.

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The Chinese have launched their most lethal submarine in a clandestine attack on both the . and the Soviet Union-just as peace talks between these two nations have begun. Now, to stop the Maoist fanatics, two world powers about to come together in peace must join forces in war. As they race toward a showdown in the perilous ocean depths, the ultimate thermonuclear endgame is about to be played for the highest stakes of all.

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Richard P. Henrick is an American novelist and screenwriter whose works include Crimson Tide, Attack on the Queen and Nightwatch. He was born in St. Louis, Missouri where he still lives and works. Spirtas graduated from Ladue Horton Watkins High School in 1967. Silent Warriors (1985). The Phoenix Odyssey (1986). Flight of the Condor (1987).

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America's most advanced defensive surveillance satellite is hurtling towards Earth, leaving the United States susceptible to a surprise attack from the Soviet Union. As the Russians prepare to deliver a lethal nuclear blow, the fate of humanity will be fought on two battlefields - beneath the ocean and in outer space. Fifty years after World War II, a fugitive SS officer is intent on retrieving Nazi war gold from a sunken U-boat in the North Sea. But his plans are interrupted by the arrival of the USS Cheyenne on routine NATO patrol - and a Russian nuclear attack sub on its own desperate mission of destruction. Beneath the silent s. Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. There's no description for this book yet.

Henrick sure know his boomers!
Harrowing, fast paced and detailed! I felt as if I was at the conn with the skipper!
This is not a totally bad read. It is a story about some ordinary people who are instrumental in stopping an evil gang of Chinese zealots who plant to end civilization (as we know it) by instigating a nuclear war between the USSR and the USA. There are several chapters devoted to undersea warfare between navies of three nations. I agree with another reviewer that Henrick knows his stuff when it comes to details of hunter-killer subs.
But the problems with the book detract from my enjoyment. First, it is not well edited, for a commercially-released novel. Can there be an editor that does not know the difference between it's and its? Second, the dialogue is unbelievably clumsy. Characters expound in long, didactic excursions that sound very much like the author's own voice.
Then, third, some of the plot devices are ridiculous. At one point, a young couple, Mei-li and Justin, are hiding from Chinese soldiers. They seem perfectly safe, but then a deadly serpent happens to appear. Then a "monstrous spider" happens at exactly the same time to fall on Mei-li's head. Come on! A snake or a spider, maybe. But not both at the same instant. She panics, and they are captured. of course. But why not a remotely possible way of getting them captured?
Then there are the sex scenes. It is as if the publisher sent it back to the author and told him to "sex it up a bit." They add nothing to the plot and are needlessly graphic.
Another reviewer pointed out that a sailor, no young kid, falls madly in love with a stripper and decides to marry her almost immediately. Of course, sailors have been known to do crazy things. But the captain of his sub and the captain's wife gush their total approval of this dubious match. No way! That would never happen.
If you can accept the clumsy parts of the novel, it does provide a couple of hours of entertainment. For military buffs, I recommend you skip over everything but the sub warfare. That is the best part.
well, ill start off by sayin that i aint one to usually sit down and read a book, but for sum reason, this one caught my attention, and kept it. i read the book frum start ta finished, and luved most uv it. im a teenage guy who likes video games and tv, so if this book dragged me away frum them both, imagine wut it could do for u.
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