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by Emma Drummond

eBook Scarlet Shadows ePub
Author: Emma Drummond
Language: English
ISBN: 0440178126
ISBN13: 978-0440178125
Publisher: Dell Pub Co; 1st edition (July 1, 1978)
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 608
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Across the raging landscape of a world in flames their forbidden passion cast Scarlet Shadows

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Across the raging landscape of a world in flames their forbidden passion cast Scarlet Shadows .

Scarlet Shadows book. From the date of publication it seems that this is the first book written by the author with the pseudonym Emma Drummond. Now it is found as an e-book by Elizabeth Darrell.

Goodreads members voted Scarlet Shadows into the following lists: Best Out of Print Books, Around the World One Book from Each Country, Tortured . Scarlet Shadows Lists. Best Out of Print Books. 43rd out of 185 books - 78 voters

Goodreads members voted Scarlet Shadows into the following lists: Best Out of Print Books, Around the World One Book from Each Country, Tortured Heroes . . 43rd out of 185 books - 78 voters. Around the World One Book from Each Country. 215th out of 652 books - 820 voters. Tortured Heroes of Historical Romance. 192nd out of 375 books - 435 voters.

by. Drummond, Emma, 1931-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by sf-loadersive.

1978) A novel by Emma Drummond (Elizabeth Darrell). Elizabeth Darrell is the pen-name of Emma Drummond, born in 1931. Her father was a member of the British Army stationed in Hong Kong, where Drummond spent the early years of her life. At the tender age of seventeen, the innocent Victoria Castledon is both vivacious and captivating. As well as writing books, she worked in the Women's Royal Army Corps.

Emma Drummond (born 1931) is a British writer, who sometimes writes under the pen name Elizabeth Darrell. Drummond was born in a Military Hospital, as her father was a member of the British Army. She spent her early childhood in Hong Kong, where her father was stationed. She eventually married a senior British Civil Servant. Her employment was as a WRAC (Women's Royal Army Corps). At the Going Down of the Sun.

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Across the raging landscape of a world in flames their forbidden passion cast Scarlet Shadows. A fragile English beauty poised on the brink of bottomless desire...
Read this with Emma Drummond's other (and better) novel about the Crimean War, Forget the Glory. Scarlet Shadows has a delightful heroine and many good scenes, but the plot tends to go awry at times, especially when the infuriating Charity Verewood turns up, as she does with maddening frequency. SPOILER: Hugo's rejection of Victoria near the end is not plausible.
Victoria is only 17 years old and an orphan when she is betrothed to Charles, a titled military man of 38, considered a fine catch . His outward charm masks a stern, controlling nature which Victoria starts getting whiffs of even before the wedding, but youthful inexperience and naivity make a dangerous combination.

While at the family estate in the months before their planned wedding, Victoria becomes companion to Charles' brother Hugo (at home recovering from temporary blindness) and starts falling for his easy nature. Still, even after a taste of what true love is she feels honor bound to go through with her marriage to Charles.

What follows is a diasterous marriage, family feud, tragedy and war. Both brothers (being military men) are assigned to the Crimea. Victoria goes along as a military wife. She has to deal with the violence of her husband and the smoldering glances of Hugo. Added to that is sickness, storms, starvation and the turmoil of war. Injury and death doesn't even begin to cover what becomes a full scale blood bath in the infamous "charge of the light brigade "

Emma Drummond writes in a gripping, readable style. Her characters LIVE (and yeah, they die too) and even if you dont like them you want to know what becomes of them. So Scarlet Shadows kept me turning the pages.

In saying that, its not a cheerful read. And I didn't enjoy it as much as "Forget the Glory ". (By the way both SS and FTG are based on the Crimean war so there are similarities between them and some of the same events are mentioned.)

So whose the better hero? Hugo (in SS) or Rowan (in FTG) . Hmmmm. Both are angsty tortured heroes. Very hard to choose. Hugo sees Victoria's worth from the very start which is sooo sweet, while Rowan has to have Mary pounded over his head for him to see her as more than a maid. But still, once he sees her, TRULY sees her....*sigh* ..

The better heroine? Victoria (in SS) or Mary (in FTG) ?
Mary, hands down.


SEX : Non explicit (but nonetheless mature) scene of marital rape, past dalliances on the part of male characters are mentioned. Passionate longing.
PROFANITY : Pretty mild. D 's and B 's.
VIOLENCE : Brief but intense battle scenes.

MY RATING: Strong PG 13
Recommended for: NA and A readers
Victoria Castledon captures the heart of wealthy aristocrat Charles Stanford, and despite her slight reluctance, good British manners don't allow one to turn down such a good offer. While staying at the Stanford's huge country estate, Charles' foster-brother Hugo Esterly arrives to recuperate from an accident and he and Victoria find something else growing from their friendship, but honor comes first and he must let her go to marry Charles. Charles is a pompous ass and makes a less than stellar husband, but Victoria tries to make the best of it, until a tragic accident shatters everyone's lives and irrevocably destroys the relationship between the two brothers.

Charles and Hugo are both officers in the Hussars, and their troop leaves with the others when war is declared in the Crimea, and Victoria accompanies her husband with the other military wives. The troops soon find that chasing off those pesky Russians isn't going to be quite the easy task they expected, and the British are ill-prepared for a long siege in a bitter winter, nor do they have the medical staff and equipment to deal with the thousands of wounded.

For those not familiar with the Crimean War I would say this is an excellent starter point to get yourself grounded on the period and puts the reader right into the heart of the ill-fated Charge of the Light Brigade,

"They were being ordered to make the supreme but senseless sacrifice for their country. He and six hundred and seventy-two other men were being ordered to commit suicide."

You will also see firsthand the horrific conditions of the wounded prisoners at the infamous hospital at Scutari,

"Beside a rickety wooden table was a basket full of limbs, some with uniform sleeves still upon them, or the worn remains of a boot. They stuck out at angles, just as they had been thrown..."

As for the soldiers lucky enough not to be wounded?

"Those who are not wounded have fever, those who are not fever-ridden are starving; those who are not starving are dying of frostbite."

Yes, war is hell isn't it? A darn near unputdownable read, and Drummond really has a good feel for the period, the military life and their unique social caste system. Her characters act and talk appropriate to the period and while Victoria might be in need of rescue by Hugo on occasion the situations don't come across as the contrived heroine in constant peril one is so used to coming across in today's romances.

You will loathe Charles (what a cad) and root for Victoria and Hugo (what a man), but despite the lurid red cover and jacket description there really is no sex to speak of in this one, so don't let the bodice-ripper image scare you off. From the brief bio I've seen of Drummond (who also writes as Elizabeth Darrell), she has a strong military background, both as a child and through her husband. Highly recommended.
Lots of great history in this novel which centers around a young English woman, her caddish husband and his brother, the man she really loves. When the men ship out to the Crimea in 1854, she gets to see the true horrors of war and the shameful way in which the British Empire mishandles the war (Charge of the Light Brigade) and the horrors of it's aftermath.

Excellent characters, really superb period dialog and fairly accurate history going on here. The only thing that prevented me from giving it a full five stars is that the circumstances that separated hero and heroine seemed to go on about 100 pages too long.

Great read, all around, though. Recommended!
Compelling historical fiction by Emma Drummond who also writes as Elizabeth Darrell. Lovely young Victoria Castledon marries aristocratic Charles Stanford before she knows him well enough to hesitate - and later finds out it is his notorious brother whom she truly loves. The novel moves from London to Constantinople to the valley of Balaclava as the brothers compete for her love.
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