» » Fossils : The Visual Guide to More Than 500 Species of Fossils from Around the World

eBook Fossils : The Visual Guide to More Than 500 Species of Fossils from Around the World ePub

by Cyril & David Ward Walker,Color Illustrations

eBook Fossils : The Visual Guide to More Than 500 Species of Fossils from Around the World ePub
Author: Cyril & David Ward Walker,Color Illustrations
ISBN: 0773725970
Publisher: Stoddart Kids (1992)
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Cyril & David Ward Walker. MDescriptions of over 500 specimens and more than 1000 color photographs of fossils make this reference invaluable for every collector.

Cyril & David Ward Walker. Published by Stoddart Kids.

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Discusses more than 500 specimens includes color photographs and provides concise . Colorful and complete book on fossils

Discusses more than 500 specimens includes color photographs and provides concise descriptions and essential identification information. Colorful and complete book on fossils. It's a wonderful guide and I'm very happy with this purchase. The World Encyclopedia of Fossils & Fossil-Collecting:: An Illustrated Reference Guide To Over 375 Plant And Animal Fossils From Around The Globe And. Them, With Over 950 Photographs And Artworks.

Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Featuring more than 500 full-color illustrations and photographs, along with detailed annotations, Dorling Kindersley Handbooks make identification easy and accurate.

Title: Fossils By: David Ward Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 64. .

Title: Fossils By: David Ward Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 64 Vendor: DK Dimensions: . 6 X . 4 (inches). Written by veteran paleontologist and curator Cyril Walker, and veterinary surgeon and fossil enthusiast David Ward, and packed with detailed information on recognition, classification, and more, DK’s Smithsonian Handbook of Fossils is the clearest identification guide to fossils for beginners and established enthusiasts alike.

Authoritative text, crystal-clear photography, and a systematic approach from Dorling Kindersley and the Smithsonian Institution make this guide both comprehensive and concise.

Together with David Ward, he co-authored a best selling book, Smithsonian Handbook of Fossils References. "Megalodon: Hunting the Hunter", by Mark Renz, p. viii.

DK Handbooks: Fossils is the ideal one-stop introduction to the fascinating world of fossil hunting and collecting.

It features more than 500 species of plant and animal fossils, from trilobites to dinosaurs, to fossil trees. Over 1,000 photographs, most of them annotated, help you to pick out a fossil's most telling features, while a colour illustration shows the fossil as a living plant or animal. DK Handbooks: Fossils is the ideal one-stop introduction to the fascinating world of fossil hunting and collecting. Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd ISBN: 9781405359870 Number of pages: 320 Weight: 560 g Dimensions: 211 x 141 x 20 mm.

Each and every fossil entry includes a large, full-colour photograph of the fossil itself, accompanied by a detailed factbox and a clear illustration that reconstructs the appearance of the original plant or animal

Dancing Lion
cd in good shape
Fossils is a nice treat for Dinosaur Jr. fans who've missed out their three infamous SST singles, but most of these songs have been on albums or available seperately (the "Just Like Heaven" EP is still available on CD and vinyl). The a-sides are certainly great: "Little Fury Things" needs no explanation, "Freak Scene" is just fantastic, and you'll never look at "Just Like Heaven" the same again after hearing Dinosaur Jr.'s cover. "Keep The Glove" and "In The Jar" are fine b-sides, but "Chunks" and "Throw Down" are somewhat forgettable. And I've never really been into their "Show Me The Way" cover. But listening to the synth lines of "...Heaven" replaced by a sloppy and loud, but brilliant, guitar solo is reason enough to buy this. Of course, "Little Fury Things," "In A Jar," and "Show Me the Way" (a.k.a. Dinosaur Jr. EP) are already all on the classic You're Living All Over Me LP and "Freak Scene" is on Bug. So whether or not you need this all depends. All Dinosaur Jr. fans need You're Living... and might already have this material. But if you don't, this makes a good purchase.
Dinosaur jr's first 1991 release. Its not much of a cd the only new song is keep the glove and then there is the two that appered on the just like heavan single, as a matter of fact the whole single is on here. If you want to buy this here is what your looking forward to.
Little fury things (from your living all over me)
This one is a great kinda depressing song with the crazist feedback scream ive ever heard. Lee ranaldo (sonic youth) does the back ground lyrics to this one as well.
In a jar (from YLAOM)
This one is a dinosaur jr classic its mostly base playing but the vocals and lyrics are awesome and it really gets a good kick in the ass at the end.
Show me the way *cover* (from YLAOM)
Last song on YLOAM is an OK song a cool mix of distortion and a solo but the vocals kinda get annoying after 2 mins.
Freak scene (from BUG)
The only song from bug on this album. This song kinda put dinosaur jr on the map for higher class indie rockers. I love the guitar and lyrics AND vocals *another dinosaur jr classic*
Keep the glove (new)
This is a folk rock song with the crazist solo at the halfway point this one is perfect to crank because the solo is LOUD and crushing one of J mascis's best songs.
Just like heavan *single*
I remember seeing this music video a few years back but the video is rarely shown. As you may or may not know this one is a cure cover and an amazing cover too. Its a smart blend of acoustic and hard rock and instead of the cures nice little "you" in the chorus you get the whole band screaming "YOU!" then j mascis goes back to normal vocals. What an amazing song.
Throw down *off of the single*
Very Very short filler song (I think 45 seconds) of acoustic. If you listen to brand new love by sebadoh, after the song is over you can hear this song in the background for some reason.
Chunks *off of single*
Chunks is a cool punk song made for some rights group of whatever but the song has freak scene style guitaring with Henry rollins style vocals. What a great blend.
By this cd if you dont have enough money to get both your living all over me or bug but if you do get them and not this, this one is for people who want every cd by the band (like me).
I'm often cautious about spending money on EPs of outtakes and covers, but this one is absolutely worth it for a fan looking for some new Dinosaur. There are a few Dinosaur standards thrown in, an amusing cover of Frampton's "Show Me the Way", an inspired cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven", a great version of "Keep the Glove", plus the awesome "Chunks", which is as angry, hard, and punk rock as Dinosaur gets. I bought this when it first came out in 1991 and have given it many listens since.
"Chunks" is a song by Last Rights, a Boston hardcore band who only played one show in 1983 in Greenfield, MA and then put out a 7" record on Taang! that notoriously had a rare sleeve of Hitler (limited to 100). Mascis and Barlow were in the MA hardcore band Deep Wound together and they played at that show, and I always took the song to be them just giving a nod to their roots on this. Interestingly, a couple of times before the recent reunion of the original lineup of Dinosaur Jr, Lou came onstage at a couple gigs J was playing and they covered some of their Deep Wound material. The Last Rights stuff can be found on a joint cd also featuring Negative FX put out by Taang!. Deep Wound stuff is actually kind of hard to find, although Lost and Found put out a bootleg of it.
This is neat little dinosaur jr CD with a bunch of old songs and a couple of new ones. Chunks is an ok song its better then throw down. Just like heavan is amazing so is show me the way and the rest is good too. Buy it if you want to.
this is a fine example of dinosaur at there best. although this ablbum is almost ten years old the content is timeless. very few artists can live up to the standard dinosaur set in the early 90's, including dinosaur jr.
This is my favorite Dinosaur Jr. album/ep.
Love all the songs on it. so great.
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