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eBook Testament of youth: An autobiographical study of the years 1900-1925 ePub

by Vera Brittain

eBook Testament of youth: An autobiographical study of the years 1900-1925 ePub
Author: Vera Brittain
Language: English
ISBN: 0575024674
ISBN13: 978-0575024670
Publisher: Gollancz; [1st. ed. reprinted] ; with a preface by Shirley Williams edition (1978)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 432
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On 28 August 1933, Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain’s classic memoir of the cataclysmic effect of the First World War on her generation, was published by Gollancz to a generally enthusiastic reception and brisk sales. Oh what a head-cracking week.

On 28 August 1933, Testament of Youth, Vera Brittain’s classic memoir of the cataclysmic effect of the First World War on her generation, was published by Gollancz to a generally enthusiastic reception and brisk sales.

Book Source: Digital Library of India Item 2015. main: 1 d. escription. tagged: 0 d. totalpages: 666 d. ormat. library: Central Library, Delhi University d. ubject. classification: Sociology d. classification: Youth d. classification: Biography d. itle: Testament Of Youth An Autobiographical Study Of The Years 1900-1925.

In 1914 Vera Brittain was twenty, and as war was declared she was . As the book begins, Vera Brittain is a young woman determined to free herself from the constraints placed upon females in England.

In 1914 Vera Brittain was twenty, and as war was declared she was preparing to study at Oxford. First published in 1933, Testament of Youth established Brittain as one of the best-loved authors of her time. Her crisp, clear prose and searing honesty make this unsentimental memoir of a generation scarred by war a classic. She longs for a more eventful existence and a less restricted horizon. Ironically, soon after her hard-won acceptance at mostly-male Oxford, war begins, and the repressive English society is altered at its core.

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A passionate record of a lost generation, it made Vera Brittain one of the best-loved writers of her time, and has lost none of its power to shock, move and enthral readers since its first publication in 1933.

Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain is Vera Brittain's own story. She grows up in the British town of Buxton where she lives an upper middle class existence. She always wants to attend college but her father does not believe it is necessary for women to be educated. Vera chooses to attend Somerville College and just as she begins, World War I breaks out. Her brother Edward and his friend Roland postpone their studies, enlisting.

Vera Brittain deux about the uninhabited parts.

Vera Brittain deux about the uninhabited parts of the island. Her more normal instincts, intensified by the social bias of her upbringing, led her to prefer the naval society of Valletta, and, fortified by introductions from home, she was quickly absorbed into its tennis-parties and teas.

Читать бесплатно книгу Testament of youth. An autobiographical study of the years 1900-1925 (Brittain . и другие произведения в разделе Каталог. Доступны электронные, печатные и аудиокниги, музыкальные произведения, фильмы. На сайте вы можете найти издание, заказать доставку или забронировать. Возможна доставка в удобную библиотеку.

But youth work is not an apple

Article in Nurse Education Today 34(10) · October 2014 with 10 Reads. How we measure 'reads'. But youth work is not an apple. A global and historical perspective of youth work shows it to be a relentlessly developing range of responses to a persistently growing and shifting range of phenomena, issues and directions presented by and to societies and the young people in those societies.

Overall I enjoyed Testament of Youth. I appreciated the author's sincerity and dedication and this personal view of WWI history. Ms Brittain's writing reveals her intelligence, intensity, and large vocabulary, and I was glad I read the book on Kindle so I could easily look up words new to me. Her writing style with long, convoluted sentences was tiresome and sometimes confusing but I realize in 1930's England this may have been standard. At the beginning of the book I grew weary of all the anger expressed by Ms Brittain. It is tragic her generation lost so much of their youth, but her anger at her conventional parents who had no books in their home seemed misplaced. I was surprised later in the book when Ms Brittain was overseas and she referred to letters with her Mother that there was such warmth. Ms Brittain expressed her ideas on so many things, it would have been interesting to know about the improvement in their relationship. The book is rich with the daily and personal experiences of people from all walks of life during WWI. At the end of the book Ms Brittain is ready to begin a new life chapter. Her edges are softening and she's beginning to give up some control. I was so glad for this resolution for her and it was a timely end. But, oh, it would have been wonderful to learn more of this next stage in her life.
I watched the movie from this book on TV one evening without knowing anything about it other than the movie description. I took to the story so that at the conclusion I went on-line to purchase my Kindle edition. The writing is excellent and of course the book contains much more detail than the movie which is what I'd hope for. Having said that I found that from about 75-80% in the story was becoming repetitious and somehow no longer held me. Still, even allowing for that, the book is well worth the buy if you have any interest at all in how life was and how it changed for a young women in the early 1900s England. Born to upper middle class, Vera Brittain threw up her relatively privileged life and student days in Oxford to become a WW1 nurse, first in the UK and later shipped in submarine infested waters to foreign soils. The extraordinary brutality and horrific conditions of the so-called 'Great War' became the everyday nightmare of this lady of gentle breeding yet the experience and her resolve to see it through under circumstances in every respect foreign to her life are almost unbelievable and utterly admirable. A worthwhile read indeed.

The Slope of Kongwa Hill: A Boy's Tale of Africa
World War One changed Europe forever along with the rest of the world. This is the personal story of an English girl who lost a brother, fiancé and best friend. So much potential lost, so much death. She becomes a nurse and travels to Malta. This book was very popular in the 1930s-1940s but kind of forgotten now. If you are interested in the human cost of WWI, this is a must read. An entire generation lost their youth and their lives.
Wrenching, articulate personal account of the feelings and experiences of a bright young woman during this heinous war, WW1. Little told or expressed points of view about a whole generation of youth wasted for the nebulous "nobility" that is "God and country. " The end of the war was not the end for most, but a continuation of massive changes and dark days. Extraordinary journeying along side of the mind of a young woman living , loving, and working as a nurse during one of the bloodiest conflicts of all time.
Having just read a history of the First World War, and also visited, for the first time, Flanders and Ypres, Brittain's book is an excellent description, full of emotion, of how the war affected her personally and the generation of whom she became a spokesperson, but also what she chose to do about it. Written without question from her own context of class and period, it still transcends both of those and stands as an important work that asks questions that continue - and perhaps always will - to be relevant to us as individuals and as people. Worth reading.
Was a young woman when the war started. She had two very close male friends, a boyfriend and a brother who all served on the front . She corresponded with them and worried about their safety and was deeply affected by the deaths (of those that died, I don't want to be too much of a spoiler). She felt the need to help the war effort and sacrifice herself as well as she could to match the sacrifices of the young fighting men although she was completely disillusioned with the war, the politicians and Generals that ran it and the jingoists that supported it.

She is a great writer and her descriptions of place, thoughts and feelings are wonderful.
Testament Of Youth: An Autobiographical Study Of The Years 1900-1925
Vera Britain is at her best in writing this pre WW 1 Novel of the trials and tribulations, performing her services as a VAD in different hospital ' s while giving hope too so many war wounded, loosing those she had a love for in the War to end all wars, some one million having lost their lives, in some cases receiving burial rites on the battle field, their not being time to bring them home from Europe.
I loved the movie, so naturally wanted to read the book. Brittain has a lovely lyrical style, especially describing her early emotions and love for her brother and for Roland; it makes the heartbreaking events later even more excrutiating. I learned a lot about the Edwardian society and the history of WWI, especially the service and treatment of amateur nurses. The experience of women at Oxford during the time period was interesting.
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