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eBook Time of the Dark ePub
Language: English
ISBN: 0345409957
ISBN13: 978-0345409959
Publisher: Ballantine Books
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Rating: 4.6
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The initial trilogy of the Darwath series begins with this volume. It introduces Ingold Inglorion, the only wizard of his world who is able to cross over to ours. He recruits two young Americans, a female academic historian and a male auto body shop artist, to fight a mysterious magical war in his own world. Their lives become a series of challenges that are grim, dangerous, and yet immensely satisfying as Rudy finds magic in his soul and Gil discovers her valiant heart. Resign yourself - you will be compelled to read the whole trilogy, if not the two subsequent volumes.
I downloaded this when it was offered as a Kindle Freebie. I saw the great reviews and figured Why Not?

The book is a pleasant read for those who like Sword and Sorcery or Alternate Universe stories. The main characters are interesting and well constructed. The supporting case is little more than cardboard in the first book of the series. I'll read the others to see if they get fleshed out. And the Universe isn't quite complete. But I expect that some of that is taken care of in the remainder of the series.

At the story level there were few surprises, but then I have to remind myself that this was written in 1982 and I have read a substantial number of S&S books. In 1982 this all could very well have been fresh and original. Well, mostly original. Near the book's climax I did find myself muttering "Thou Shall Not Pass!"

Hambly writes in a clear, concise style with enough poetry in her prose to satisfy my taste. She isn't Donaldson, but she isn't Moorecock either - a very nice balance. And I was glad to have my built-in Kindle dictionary as Hambly did stretch my vocabulary on occasion.

If you are new to the genre this series looks like an excellent introduction. If you are an old hand, you might find your attention wandering at times. But the quality of the prose should win you over.
While taking a few-years break from reading fantasy, I had read Ms Hambly's remarkable series about Dr Benjamin January in the old New Orleans. The break was necessary as I'd become weary of the same story line with only superficial differences. If you had told me there was a new take on a real-world Jane (and/or Joe) being taken to an alternate reality, I'd have not believed you. Ms Hambly has restored my faith!

This book is written so skillfully you can't tell just how hard it is to write credible and fresh dialogue in these situations, and the detailed, atmospheric, descriptions allowed me to not just see, but to smell, taste, and feel the frozen mountains of Renweth and the desert wastes. There is no arguing that Ms Hambly is a remarkably talented writer in more than one genre. There is also no arguing that I will be purchasing the rest of the Darwath Series, and exploring all of her fantasy worlds.

There were a few typos, apparently from scanning mishaps, which should have been caught by the proofreader or copy editor, but Amazon has offered this first book at a very low price. The publisher has priced the other two books in the series at 30 cents lower than the usual, which I appreciate as at least a first step towards reasonable pricing for electronic editions of previous works, be aware that the entire trilogy is being released as a kindle edition at a very good price in early September 2012. Wait and get all three, you'll want them anyway!
Absolutely love this series. This is the book that introduced me to Barbara Hambly. And since then I've read every book she's published, as well as the short stories ("the Further Adventures of..") that she's published on Smash Words and Amazon Kindle store. A fantastic author and well worth trying out if you're looking for something new. Great plots and well developed characters, with strong female lead characters (something you don't see too often).
I bought this book because I have enjoyed others by Barbara Hambly, but I have have to say that it reads like an early book. A little slow to get started, a great deal of discussion about feelings and foreboding without her usual wit and style. It wasn't bad, per se, but it just didn't grip me. I found the characters hard to empathize with and sudden personality changes unrealistic. I stayed with it through the first book, and I have a feeling the following books in the series may be better, but I feel no drive to find out what happens.
Read the Magician of the night of the same author and absolutly loved it. This is based on the same idé but instead of aa magicain from an other world going to ours this is about two people from our world going to a paralell magic universe that is threathend by a horrible enemy that can destroy them.

This book is a build up full of discoveries and worldbuildning a promises a good continuation but to me in this book feels a little rushed and don't focus on some of the carecters enough for me and thats why i only give it a 3 star rating.
I read this book back in my high school days and loved it so much i kept the books and passed them on to my daughter.
I have long been a fan of Barbara Hambly, and have collected and shared as many of her books as I could lay my hands on. This is my third purchase of The Time of The Dark. Ingold, Gil, Rudy, and Alde have been favorites of mine, and I never tire of revisiting them. Thank you!
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