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eBook Gunsmithing Made Easy ePub

by Bryce m Towsley

eBook Gunsmithing Made Easy ePub
Author: Bryce m Towsley
Language: English
ISBN: 0883172941
ISBN13: 978-0883172940
Publisher: Stoeger (2006)
Pages: 158
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 307
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Gunsmithing Made Easy: P. .has been added to your Cart. Bryce M. Towsley is an award-winning writer and photographer whose work covers a wide variety of subjects, but he mostly specializes in the fields of hunting and firearms.

Gunsmithing Made Easy: P. He has published six books on guns, gunsmithing, and hunting. He is also a columnist for Gun Digest. Towsley appears regularly on American Rifleman Television.

Gunsmithing Made Easy. One of America's foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley here provides the definitive guide for anyone interested in building or maintaining guns. He gives detailed explanations and color illustrations for just about every aspect of gun repair. Featured tutorials include: stock modifications, accuracy enhancement, weather preparation, a total rifle makeover, and much more. Beginning with shop design and maintenance, Towsley builds on the knowledge he provides until ending with directions on rifle building from scratch.

One of America s foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley here provides . Gunsmithing Made Easy: Projects for the Home Gunsmith (Hardback or Cased Book).

One of America s foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley here provides the definitive guide for anyone interested in building or maintaining guns. For anyone interested in fixing or building guns, Towsley s book is a complete education from A to Z. Skyhorse Publishing is proud to publish a broad range of books for hunters and firearms enthusiasts.

Gunsmithing Made Easy provides readers with the information hobbyists need to perform many common, practical repairs and modifications on today’s firearms. Precisely illustrated, step-by-step instructions walk the hobby gunsmith through useful projects to improve the looks, accuracy and performance of popular hunting rifles and shotguns. Not only will readers enjoy performing these projects, they will also learn about the tools and skills needed to perform basic and advanced gunsmithing tasks-from basic tools such as screwdrivers, punches and files to more advanced tools including drill presses, sanders and lathes.

One of America's foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley here provides the definitive guide for anyone interested in.For anyone interested in fixing or building guns, Towsley's book is a complete education from A to Z.

One of America's foremost experts on gunsmithing, Bryce Towsley here provides the definitive guide for anyone interested in building or maintaining guns.

Bryce M. Towsley published his first magazine article, about hunting with handguns, in 1982 in the Vermont . Towsley published his first magazine article, about hunting with handguns, in 1982 in the Vermont Sportsman magazine. He has published ten books including Gunsmithing Made Easy, one of the best-selling gunsmithing books ever published. Towsley lives in Vermont with his wife Robin and his dog, Clyde. Check out his web site, ww. rycetowsley. Projects for the Home Gunsmith.

Towsley book - Gunsmithing Made Easy. Published by Thriftbooks. Towsley's Gunsmithing Made Easy provides home projects for gun owners who wish to learn basic firearms repair and modification skills

Towsley book - Gunsmithing Made Easy. com User, 12 years ago. This old timer is crusty but good. He gets down to the level of most of us with his talk and pictures about starting out on the kitchen table to building your own shop. He is not afraid to tell when expensive products can be made or a less costly substitutes do just as well. Towsley's Gunsmithing Made Easy provides home projects for gun owners who wish to learn basic firearms repair and modification skills. This information assumes a series of step-by-step gunsmithing projects which pair clear color photos with descriptions on how to fine-tune, modify and repair popular brands of firearms.

Gunsmithing Made Easy is a guide to beginning-and successfully completing-many essential firearms repairs and modifications. Presented in a series of useful gunsmithing projects these tasks can be performed by a gun enthusiast with average skills, affordable tools and a modest budget. Thorough, step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs give you the know-how to tune, modify and repair many popular firearms. From the use of essential gunsmithing tools, to tips on fitting sights and bedding barrels, Gunsmithing Made Easy provides the inside information you need to do it yourself. Firearms expert, hunting consultant and accomplished outdoor photographer Bryce M. Towsley is the author of several books on hunting and shooting and is an editor for both NRA's American Rifleman, and Buckmasters. He contributes regularly to Guns & Gear and North American Hunter.
Great book,great pictures,variety of projects. Stock work, refinishing metal, trigger work, jeweling, filing, hand tools, machine tool basics drill press, grinder, polisher, Dremel tool, tips, must haves. The author and his son truly enjoy this type of hands on work and it shows! Outstanding color photography. An neat and tidy work shop, layed-out well and improved upon with years of doing! I've included some pictures of a few of my gunsmithing upgrades.
I don't think I can add much to what has already been said, other than Gunsmithing Made Easy is a good book of projects almost any enthusiast would find useful. Some are very easy, like cleaning a bore to improve accuracy and some are more difficult, like fitting a short chambered barrel with handtools and not so expensive precision measuring tools. The language is concise and easy to follow, the supporting photography is excellent in quality and appropriate in support of instructions.

If I were to take exception and pick nits - I'd say bore cleaning isn't really gunsmithing and there are too many other sources that define this task and are free of charge. The second nit is the coverage of Ruger single action trigger repair. I thought the task was too unique to be included and the equipment used was more appropriate for a commercial shop. Like I said, nits. The book is inexpensive and the balance of the material was excellent.
Golden Lama
The book spends more time on long guns than handguns but is an easy and enjoyable read. I liked Mr. Towsley's style and the way he mixed in a few stories as he passed along lessons from his many years of gunsmithing.
After years away from firearms (military), I'm slowly getting back into the sport. I was looking for a good, grounded book that would give me ideas and suggestions on the right way to do things - the right tools to use, the right environment, etc. I was also looking for something that was easy to read and follow - something I could start reading, take a break for a few days (schedule demands not laziness) and come back to it. The writing style is perfect for that - and no nonsense right to the point. While this book won't make you a master gunsmith, it will take you up a few notches if you're relatively new like me, or a hobbyist. Highly recommended.
I bought this book on Kindle - that was a big mistake. I really should have thought that part out before purchasing it. It would have been "okay" if I had it in book form, but it is still a very basic book. It spends a lot of time on setting up your workshop, buying tools, etc. that I'm sure would be helpful for some people, and it is written well. Other than that, it does go over the skills necessary for basic gunsmithing, but just not more than an "okay" rating for me and my skill level. Your mileage may vary.
crazy mashine
I've been shooting a while, but putting tools to my own guns has been something I've been reluctant to do, but as I shoot more. So I bought this looking for a sort of general intro to the basics.

This book offers chapters, each a project the author shows you - like glass-bedding a rifle in one chapter, and a number of other useful projects - recoil pad installation, etc.

What I got from it was a good look at what the rifle looks like dissasembled, which gave me the guts to take apart my rifle and make some minor trigger adjustments with the confidence that I could take it down and put it back together - and an understanding of how those parts related.

I think that the book could use a few more photos but overall, it's a good introduction and his emphasis on safety and using the right tool for the job should get most off on the right foot.
I just got this book, but looking through it looks like what I expected from Mr. Towsley. I have several of his books an they go into a lot of detail and he explains it very well. I'm not a gunsmith, but this book should take me in the path I need to go if I ever have a gun functioning problem.
The phrase in the title of this review is a quote from the second chapter of this book and epitomizes the practical, wise and accessible approach of the author.

No book can be all things to all people, and a book on home gun smithing will necessarily reflect the types of guns the author already has in his collection. Though there is a great deal in this book that is generally useful, its primary focus is on bolt action rifles. Likewise, the audience of this book is people familiar with tools and generally familiar with firearms but with zero experience doing their own gun smithing.

Understanding its focus and audience, then, this book is absolutely fabulous, and I consider it to be one of the best in its genre.

This book is filled with the sort of information that helps you short-cut the experience curve by learning from the author's experience rather than your own. Having learned some of the material in this book the hard way, I can really appreciate the value of what the author is offering.

I do a considerable amount of home gun smithing on a wide array of rifles, but there are some things I haven't done, such as shortened and re-crowned barrels, because I lack equipment such as lathes. This book explains precisely how to accomplish these tasks without lathes!

He starts at the very beginning by explaining not just what tools you need, but why you need them and how they are used. He also includes a number of excellent tips won from his experience, such as using rosin to hold a barrel in a barrel vise. This book goes from basics such as installing recoil pads all the way through building a custom rifle using a short-chambered barrel and an in-the-white action. Along the way, he covers Duracoat finishing, glass and pillar bedding, trigger work, rifle maintenance, how to choose used rifles and more. This is all painstakingly documented with excellent (and I mean excellent) photos.

Will this book turn you into a superb gunsmith overnight? No. Mastery of any field takes about 10,000 hours of work, and no book can give you that. But this book will get the beginner off to a great start while helping to avoid common pitfalls. Safety (both gun safety and shop safety) are stressed throughout.

This is a great book and I highly recommend it for those interested in maintaining and enhancing their own rifles or rehabilitating old rifles.
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