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Book 1: Onslaught - 2nd and later printings. By Michael A. Stackpole. Book 2: Ruin - 1st printing. The alien Yuuzhan Vong have launched an attack on the worlds of the Outer Rim.

Book 1: Onslaught - 2nd and later printings. In this epic of unsurpassed action and imagination, Michael Stackpole helps to launch an exciting new era in Star Wars history.

In the spring following the events in Dark Practices the cult-nation is poised to launch its armies across Malker’s Wall and . Another wonderful PB book.

In the spring following the events in Dark Practices the cult-nation is poised to launch its armies across Malker’s Wall and into the Realms.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Dark Tide: Book Five of the Phantom .

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Dark Tide: Book Five of the Phantom Badgers.

ressed to select a more opportune month than September 1923. The economy was expanding, production had reached new heights, Americans had money to spend, and Big Business, unencumbered by the government interference of the war years, was the roaring engine that was powering the prosperity. September in Boston exemplified the economic optimism and confidence that was sweeping the.

A Glossary of terms is provided at the end of the book. After years spent in the Human lands as an advisor, metal-worker, and sundry other positions, he had formed and led the Phantom Badgers both as a mercenary enterprise and as a weapon to be used against the forces of the Dark One, gaining gold, loot, and expertise at the expense of the followers of the Void, forming a small band of footloose.

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Dark Tide Rising (William Monk Mystery, Book 24) ~ Paperback .

Dark Tide Rising (William Monk Mystery, Book 24) ~ Paperback, softback ~ Anne Perry. Dark Tide Rising (William Monk Mystery, Book 24) by Anne Perry. Mighty Ape. Mighty Ape Products. The Dark Tide (Ty Hauck Series Book. Book Nooks Dark Tide I Love Books Books To Read Greenwich Connecticut Central Station Mystery Thriller Young Man Bodies.

The Hand of Chaos is coming. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read

The Hand of Chaos is coming. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Dark Tide: Book Five of the Phantom Badgers as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

The author takes a capable mature cop and turns him into a horny teenager when he meets a girl.25% of the book is the rants of a psycho woman,25% is Hauck trying to get her in bed. 50% of the book is great. A new concept of dying to avoid the bad guys and appearing again. I had to skip thru Karen's never ending rants regarding Charlie ruining her life. I can see if the Hauck series continues, he'll become Bruce Jenner.
The Dark Tide is my first Andrew Gross book. I downloaded it onto my Kindle after reading a rave review about an upcoming Gross novel that piqued my interest.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Mr. Gross' book was impossible to put down. Well written, detailed characterizations and protagonists to root for plus a love story, non-stop action and many plot twists to keep you turning pages.

As an author myself, I look for reasons to put a book down, in other words, I am a critical reviewer, but I thoroughly enjoyed The Dark Tide.

The plot:
Charles and Karen Friedman live a comfortable upscale live in Greenwich, Connecticut. They've been married nearly twenty years, have two teenage children, a second house in Vermont and an envious lifestyle. Charles ("Charlie") appears to be a successful investment banker, a devoted dad and husband, and well thought of by his associates and neighbors. However, as the story opens, we learn Charlie has made some risky gambles and faces tough decisions about his business, unbeknownst to his wife and family.

Then tragedy strikes and Charlie's commuter train is bombed at Grand Central Station. Karen must learn to live without her husband. She manages for a year, and then little things begin to happen. The Greenwich detective who helped her in the early awful days after Charlie's death discovers some discrepancies in some details that link Charlie to another homicide on the day he died. As Karen and Detective Ty Hauck begin to piece things together, another plot twist reveals that Karen's husband may still be alive.

As bits of information pile up, Hauck is convinced the hit and run death he investigated ties into Charlie somehow and that a much more sinister operation is being carried out. Meanwhile, Ty and Karen discover a mutual attraction, and Ty offers to help Karen find her husband.

To say more would spoil the excellent plot, so I'll simply state that the action is fast-paced and compelling, and not at all predictable.

Gross' story deserves two thumbs way, way up.
This is the first Andrew Gross book I have read! I know it will not be the last! This book started and the murders, threats, suspense kept building! Just when I think I know what is going on, something else happens! I was so knotted up by the middle of the book, I figured it was going to require walking for hours to drain off the tension or a large bottle of whiskey! I have already ordered two more of this author's books! He knows how to tell a to drag you right into the middle of it.....and keep you steadily reading right to the end! This is an author I will enjoy following!
Not so much a thriller as flabby romantic suspense, Perhaps it would have been better had the editing been stronger. I skimmed more pages in this book than in any other in recent memory. A big disappointment.
The plot is good and the author did the required research for the technical details. The editing is horrible. At one point, a character goes into a house, sees mail on the counter where she left it, and in the next paragraph she's back in the garage and entering the house with the mail. Lots of instances like this in the book. The intimate scenes where the woman's point of view is given, is not written from a woman's experience, but quite plainly from the viewpoint of how a man would like to imagine a woman's experience. The author needs to do as much research on authentic emotions as he did on commodities trading. There is a lot of repetition. For example, at the beginning of the book, there are multiple descriptions of a character's eye color in one chapter. Speaking of chapters, there are over 100. The book could have been much shorter with no loss in the story. I got it for free, so the storyline was worth the read, but I wouldn't have paid for it.
Fast moving story of love, betrayal, wealth and violence. I enjoyed the short chapters; they often reviewed what went on in the previous chapter. This style kept me up to date on the story and allowed me to pick this book up, read for short periods and come back to it without getting lost. Great for busy people that want a simple read that can be conquered in ten minute bites! The drama held my short attention span which is hard to do. Thanks for a fun and relatable diversion from every day life!
The sudden violent death of a husband and father devastate a family. As they learn to live again the wife finds herself threatened by men wanting something her husband had, feeling vulnerable and confused hooks up with a detective which will lead both into danger and the unexpected.
This book was interesting and quick paced. You feel the emotional roller coaster this widow is on. A book that you hate to put down and can't wait to pick up again. After just reading a few boring books this was refreshing. My kind of book. Andrew Gross has good instincts and makes the characters feel, think and speak as most average people would when put in the unthinkable positions they find themselves.
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