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eBook Forbidden Fire (Forbidden #2) ePub

by Kimberly Kinrade

eBook Forbidden Fire (Forbidden #2) ePub
Author: Kimberly Kinrade
Language: English
ISBN: 1622530209
ISBN13: 978-1622530205
Publisher: Evolved Publishing (July 15, 2012)
Pages: 266
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 598
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Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Kimberly Kinrade Book - Forbidden Fire. Book - Forbidden Life.

Forbidden Mind (Forbidden Kimberly Kinrade. Winner of 2011 Forward National Literature Award Do not make any plans on the day you begin, as once you start, you will not be able to put it down. . hooked me in from the beginning. Book - Forbidden Fire. In-Depth Q&A with Author Kimberly Kinrade. even if you already bought Forbidden Mind.

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Evolved Publishing brings you "Forbidden Fire" (Book 2 of the Forbidden Trilogy), by award-winning author Kimberly Kinrade. YA Paranormal Fantasy/Romance, with mild mature themes.

Forbidden Fire is one action packed read! I didn't want to put it down even when I had to. I really liked the first book in this . This book took off where the first book "Forbidden Minds" stopped. This trilogy would make a great movie

Forbidden Fire is one action packed read! I didn't want to put it down even when I had to. I really liked the first book in this trilogy but this one was even better. This trilogy would make a great movie. The main characters Sam, Drake, Luke and Lucy put you on pins and needles and you can't put the book down until you find out what happens. Karpov Kincade knows how to bring the characters to life and puts the readers right there with them.

Forbidden Fire (Forbidden Kimberly Kinrade.

The western love story awarded Best Overall Historical Romance from the author with 14 million copies of her books in print (Affaire de Coeur). Kitty O'Shea thinks she's found the perfect place for her new saloon, The Crystal Palace, in a small Kansas town. But the Browning town council doesn't approve of her establishment and calls upon Reverend Jake Payne for backup. Forbidden Fire (Forbidden Kimberly Kinrade.

Download (EPUB). Читать. Download (EPUB). Described as X-Men meets Alias with a twist (and more romance), fans of Katniss and The Hunger Games will find a new heroine to root for in the action-packed Forbidden Trilogy. She escaped, but she'll never be free. Time held no meaning as my mind darted in and out of memories.

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Evolved Publishing brings you "Forbidden Fire" (Book 2 of the Forbidden Trilogy), by award-winning author Kimberly Kinrade. "A thrilling, dark and deeply romantic read... "
(Note: The author graciously provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)

This second novel continues the exciting story of Sam, Drake, Lucy, and Luke, four teens with paranormal powers, as they strive to escape from the clutches of the sinister organization known as "Rent-A-Kid".

As in the first novel, Kinrade immediately plunges the reader into the action! In this second novel, she also gives us more background on her characters, which of course allows us to empathize with them even more.

Sam (I believe this is short for "Samantha", altough this is not mentioned in either this book or the first) and Drake have managed to break out of a 'hospital' that's really a hidden facility for genetic breeding and experimentation. In the first book, Forbidden Mind, Sam had been impregnated with Drake's genetic material for the purpose of creating a child with superior paranormal powers. Now she and Drake are on the run, constantly afraid of being captured again. Together with Brad, Drake's friend, who is a newspaper reporter, they initially make an attempt to let the authorities know what's really going on at the school, where their friends and schoolmates are being trained to serve the organization's clients, and ultimately, to be bred so as to produce more and more powerful paranormally-gifted children. However, they soon realize the futility of this tactic; Rent-A-Kid has a long arm, and their executives have made sure to make Sam appear to be an escaped mental patient. So the odds are that no one will believe the fugitives' story.

Meanwhile, things at the school have changed drastically. A curfew is now being imposed on the kids, and there are guards everywhere. Whereas, before Sam's escape, the students enjoyed some semblance of freedom, however illusory, now a dictatorship has openly taken over, led by the infamous Mr. Black.

This highly-charged story is a conspiracy theorist's dream; there's just so much going on! Some new characters are introduced, as well. The most dangerous of them is the Seeker, a mysterious man with incredibly-enhanced powers. He is the one who is really behind the horribly oppressive changes at the school. Furthermore, he is actively searching for Sam - with his mind...

Kinrade has plenty of twists and turns, making this book just as much of a page-turner as the first one. Also, the relationship between Sam and Drake deepens, although all is not exactly perfect for them, either.

The plot of this novel reveals the full extent of the unethical goals sought by Rent-A-Kid. These goals are part of the plan laid out by the organization's founder, a ruthless man whose identity is a real surprise to the reader. I know I never saw this coming!

One of my favorite characters, aside from the main four, is someone I really should have mentioned in my review of Forbiddn Mind: Father Patrick, the elderly Catholic priest who has been a father figure to Drake for many years. This kindly man has given Drake gentle, non-judgmental guidance in the past, and continues to help him in these new circumstances, which now include Sam and their unborn child. Furthermore, from the author's description, it seems that Father Patrick may be psychic himself. He appears to read Drake's mind at one point.

Father Patrick is the sort of person you can sit down and enjoy a calm conversation with. Rather than condemn, he will listen to you, and offer you advice without making you feel as if you were the world's worst sinner. Kinrade's characterization here is very realistic, so I'm wondering if the priest is modeled on an actual person.

I'm really hoping that it will be Father Patrick who will officiate the wedding ceremony of Drake and Sam, when the time comes for them to marry!

I also have to mention the fact that Kinrade's villains are very well-done. They're far from being cardboard creations (this is in spite of the fact that the evil doctor, in the first book, was really more of a stereotypical bad guy). Both the Seeker and Mr. Black each have 'a softer side'. We can even feel some empathy for them, due to the difficult circumstances they have both endured. Actually, I have to admit that it's not easy for me to have any good feelings for Mr. Black -- the man is totally emotionless and has no qualms about killing defenseless people if he deems it necessary. There's just one area in which his emotions come to the surface, though. It's an area very close to his heart, paradoxically enough.

The novel ends on an uncertain note, which, of course, has the purpose of partially preparing the reader for the third and last volume. I thought it was handled quite well, however. I certainly didn't get a feeling that it was forced. The events of the last couple of chapters led to an ending that was, in fact, almost inevitable. Still, a feeling of hope shines through, and the reader is left with tangible clues regarding the most likely future outcome.

Kimberly Kinrade has surely penned another winner! Sam, Drake, Lucy, and Luke are the new young adult paranormal heroes, and you will cheer them on as they fight to win the freedom to live their lives as they choose, by their own rules, and not those established by an organization masquerading as their benefactor.

So be sure to pick up this novel (I hope you've already read the first one), and be prepared to feel the fire! Be prepared to jump into the revolution! And, while you're at it, remember that there's another great book coming soon -- Forbidden Life!
Forbidden Fire begins where Forbidden mind ended with Drake and Sam escaping from Rent-A-Kid. Now that they are out they are staying with Drake's childhood friend Brad. Everything seems to be going well until a man breaks into the apartment and Drake is forced to kill him. Soon the three of them are on the run while trying to find a way to help the other kids from Rent-A-Kid to escape.

Drake is determined to help both Sam and the others at Rent-A-Kid by using his mind control. Sam is firmly against the mind control, especially since Drake took control of her mind during their own escape. The Seeker, the man in charge of the paranormal school, is getting closer to them while Sam and Drake are beginning to drift apart.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Luke have joined with a group of teenagers to plan a rebellion that will lead them to their freedom. Unfortunately Mr. Black is now running the campus and there are armed guards around every corner. When Lucy and Luke are suddenly re-activated and sent on a mission hey know something isn't right. Will they be returning to the school or is this their final mission?

There was a lot of action and fighting in this book. The characters really began to come alive and become individuals. I was able to see how each of them feels and how they react to situations. I was scared for all of them as Sam has a feel that something bad is coming. I kept hoping that Sam and Drake would reach the school and reunite with Lucy and Luke and help with the rebellion.

The end reveals a huge twist that centers around a a secret Sam learns about her family. It is something that will change her life forever. When the teenagers finally rebel and try to escape many lives will be lost but will it be worth it? The book ends in a cliffhanger and I can't wait to see how the final book finishes out this fast paced, paranormal thriller.

I give this book 4 out of 5 stars.
Forbidden Fire Book Two

Warning: I will do my best to not spoil the first book, but it may contain spoilers despite my efforts.

Sam and Drake are on the run this time with one thing on their mind protecting what is most important to them. We also see Lucy and Luke as they are left behind at the "Rent-a-Kid" center determined to get to the truth of the center and hopefully find a way as well.

Not as great as the first book but it still has its own twists and turns along the way that makes it a fun read. This time along with Drake and Sam we are able to really get to know Luke and Lucy, Sam's best friends, and this allows us to continually know what is taking place with all the other kids who are being held at the rent-a-kid center. In doing this the author brings to life many other characters who take part in several of the action scenes along the way. This is definitely and interesting series, the para-powers continue to fascinate me from Luke who can walk through walls to Mary the seductress each one has an attention-grabbing story to tell. I cannot wait to continue on and see where Kimberly Kinrade takes us next.
I was sent a free copy of this book for an honest review.
Forbidden Fire is the second book in the Forbidden Trilogy. In Forbidden Fire, Sam and Drake have escaped and are living under the radar in California. While they try to stay out of sight and come up with a plan to rescue the other Rent-A-Kids, they are struggling with more personal issues, like jealousy and ethics. Meanwhile, back at the compound, Lucy and Luke are caught in a nightmare that just keeps getting worse as the Organization tightens its hold.

With unexpected revelations and an interesting twist, Forbidden Fire will keep you enthralled until the very last page. I read the whole thing in one sitting. Forbidden Life comes out today, and you can bet I'll be reading it as soon as I get my hands on it. I need to find out if Drake's common sense will overcome his pride. (He's such a typical male.)

Where I got the book: Free from the author in exchange for an honest review
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